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  1. What are treatments for Malabsorption syndrome
    • Well-control diet
    • fat-soluble vitamn (A, D, E, K) suplements
  2. What is celiac disease
    • an heritied, autoimmune disease in which the villi of the small intestine are damaged from eating gluten
    • villi become flattend affecting their ability to absorb other nutrients
  3. Treatment for celiac disease
    is to elminate gluten from diet
  4. What is diverticulitis
    inflamation fo diverticula (small bulging prouches) in the sigmoid colon; presences ofpouches in the coclon is called diverticulosis
  5. What are symptoms/diagnosis/treatment of diverticulitis
    • Symptoms - peritonitis
    • Diagnosis - Barioum enema
    • Treatment - antiboitics
  6. What is Region enteritis (Chron's disease)
    • A form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) usually affects the intestines, but may offuce anywhere from the mouth to the anus
    • intestinal walls thicken andbecome rigid and intestinal lumen narrows and becomes obstructed
    • period of exacerbation, remission and relapse are common
    • risk for hemoarrhage and perforation
  7. What are risk factors of chron's disease Regional entereitis
    • Family history
    • jewish ancestry
    • smoking
  8. Possibel causes
    • immune disorders
    • allergies
    • stress
  9. What are symptoms (similar to appendicitis)
    • Lower right quaderant pain
    • Pain with passing stools (tenesmus)
    • Melena (dark, bloody stools)
  10. Five types of chrohn's diseases
    • Ileocolitis
    • Ileitis
    • gastroduodenal crohn's disease
    • Jejunoileitis
    • crohn's (granulomatous) colitis
  11. Ileocolitis
    Most common form of chron's disease affecting small ileum and large (colon) intestines
  12. Ileitis
    Crohns that affects the ileum
  13. gastroduodenal crohn's disease
    affects the stomach and duodenum
  14. Jejunoileitis
    cause spotty patches of inflamation in the top half of the small intesting (jejunum)
  15. crohn's (granulomatous) colitis
    only affects the large intestine
  16. What are dianosis test for chrons disease
    • Blood work
    • Sigmoidoscopy
    • colonscopy with biopsy
  17. Treatments for Crohns
    • anti-inflamatory medications
    • immunosuppressive agents
    • surgery
  18. Chronic ulcerative colitis
    a chronic inflamation of the colon and rectum with persiod of remission and excerbation that may lead to incresed risk for colon malignancy
  19. Possible causes of ulcerative colitis
    • Automimmune disorders
    • e. coli infection
    • stress
    • hypersensitivity ot certain foods
  20. What are sysmptoms of ulceratice colitis
    • Diarrhea with pus, blood, and mucus
    • anemia due to chronic blood loss through the rectum
  21. What are diagnosis techniques for ulcerative colitis
    • colonsocopy
    • Barium enema
  22. What are treatment for ulcerative colitis
    • Treatments are aimed to reduce symptoms, replace nutrients stop blood loss and prevent complications
    • Gulcoorticosteroids
    • colostomy
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