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  1. amīcitia, -ae
    f. frienship
  2. cupiditās, -tātis
    • f. desire, longing, passion
    • cupidity, avarice
  3. hōra, -ae
    f. hour, time
  4. nātūra, -ae
    f. nature
  5. senectūs, -tūtis
    f. old age
  6. timor, timōris
    m. fear
  7. vēritās, -tātis
    f. truth
  8. via, -ae
    f. way, road
  9. voluptās, -tātis
    f. pleasure
  10. beātus, -a, -um
    happy, fortunate, blessed
  11. quoniam
    conj. since, inasmuch as
  12. cum + abl
    with, together, completely
  13. audiō, audīre
    to hear, listen to
  14. capiō, capere
    to take, caputure, seize, get
  15. dīcō, dīcere
    to say, tell, name, call
  16. faciō, facere
    to do, make, accomplish
  17. fugiō, fugere
    to flee, hurry away, escape, avoid, shun
  18. veniō, venīre
    to come
  19. inveniō, invenīre
    to come upon, find
  20. vīvō, vīvere
    to live
  21. incipiō, incipere
    to begin
  22. Mūsa, -ae
    f. muse
  23. corōna, -ae
    f. crown
  24. memor
    adj. nom sg mindful
  25. mors, mortis
    f. death
  26. occāsiō, ōnis
    f. opportunity
  27. intereā
    adv. meanwhile
  28. fātum, ī
    n. fate
  29. ōrdō, -dinis
    m. rank
  30. obsequium, ī
    n. compliance
  31. pariō, pariere
    to produce
  32. odium, ī
    n. hate

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