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  1. although most perpetrators begin their thefts because of a perceived critical need, they usually continue to embexxle in order to
    improve their lifestyle
  2. Evidence gathered from public records can be useful in
    a. identifying with the suspect
    b. obtaining a confession
    c. making the suspect feel at ease
    d. none of the above
    none of the above
  3. The net worth method of analyzing financial information can help to determine
    the amount of embezzled funds
  4. ___ organizations maintain public infroamtion that can be accessed in record searches
    local, state, and federal
  5. how useful are local and county records in fraud investigations
    very useful
  6. Which of the following laws regulates activities of credit, insurance, and employement investigations?r
    Fair credit reporting act of 1971 and fair and accurate credit transactions act of 2003
  7. The net worth method is effective:
    a. as evidence in court
    b. to help obtain a confession
    c. to conduct an interview of suspects
    all of the above
  8. Conversion investigations focus on how suspects:
    spent stolen money
  9. Most conversion investigations involve searching public records and other sources to trace
    a. purchases of assets
    b. payments of liabilities
    c. changes in lifestyle
    d. net worth
    all of the above
  10. A database of criminal records maintained by the FBI is t
    the III and the NCIC
  11. Who among the following are usually some of the best and most helpful federal fraud investigators
    postal inspectors
  12. The net worth method is a calculation based on a person's
    assets, liabilities, income, and living expenses
  13. The Gramm-Leach Bliley Act allows:
    a. banks to sell customer information
    b. fianncial institutions to share information
    c. customers to opt out and ask that their information not be shared
    d. all of the above
    all of the above
  14. Which agency does not match the type of information it provides?
    State Attorney General : Maintains birth records and infromation about people's SSN
  15. courts are generally ... about the net worth method
    not suspicious of dollar amounts determined by the net worth method because courts realize that the net worth method can only provide approximations of the amount stolen
  16. known income subtracted from total income gives a reasonable estimate of:
    unknown funds
  17. Which of the following is not a method of honesty testing?
    graphology, voice stress analysis, body language test, pencil and paper test
    body language test
  18. Interviews should not be conducted with:
    any of these people are fine
  19. People in the rationalization stage of reaction to a fraud:
    want to give the suspect one more chance
  20. planning for interviews should not involve
    judging the guilt of the suspect based on available documents
  21. Confrontational interviews should usually be conducted when:
    police decide that the suspect is guilty
  22. which of the following is not an inquirey technique that should be used by interviewers?
    a. use short questions
    b, maintain full control of the interview
    c. point out some circumstantial evidence
    all of the above
  23. Which of the following honesty testing techniques deals with the study of handwriting for the purpose of character analysis
  24. Which of the following traits do polygraphs not measure when testing for stress?
    pulse rate
    blood pressre
    galvanic skin response
    all of the above
  25. the systematic questioning of individuals who have knowledge of events, people, and evidence of a case under investigation
  26. What is the sequence of reactions to a crisis?
    denial, anger, rationalization, depression, acceptance
  27. Which of the following reactions frequently involves appearing temporarily stunned, insisting there is some mistake or not comprehending what has been said
  28. What is a characteristic of a good interview
    make the interview as concise as possible
  29. This is not a clue that an intervieww is dishonest
    upon repreated accusations, a dishonest person's denials become more vehement
  30. What is something that an interviewee might do or feel while in the denial phase?
    not comprehend what has been said
  31. What is not good to do during an interview?
    interview more than one person at once
  32. A signed statemnt should incldue all of the following except:
    statement of intent
    date fraudster hired
    approximate amont of losses
    approximate date of offense
    date fraudster was hired
  33. Nonverbal cues of deception include all of the following except:
    decreased leg and foot movement
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