ID List #1 Floral Design

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  1. Rosa; rose, spray rose
  2. Gerbera jamesonii; gerbera daisy, African daisy

    head flower or scapose
  3. Dianthus caryophyllus; carnation, mini carnation, spray carnation, pixies

    Dianthus= from the Greek words Di and Dios=Zeus, deity, divine and anthos=flower
  4. Chrysanthemum; daisymum; spray daisies; spray daisymum, cushion mums; spray mums; novelty mums;pompon mums; poms, etc.standard, single stem mum; disbud; football mum;incurve mum; cremone; spider, rover, etc.

    From the Greek words chryos=gold and anthos=flower
  5. Gladiolus; sword lily; glads

  6. Delphinium; delphinium

    from the Greek words delphis=dolphin, raceme
  7. Moluccella laevis; bells of ireland
  8. Consolida ajacis; larkspur
  9. Antirrhinum majus; snapdragon
  10. Liatris spicata; purple poker; blazing star; button snakeroot;gayfeather
  11. Gypsophila elegans; baby's breath

    from the Greek words gypsos=gypsum and philos=loving, panicle
  12. Chamelaucium uncinatum; waxflower
  13. Limonium sinuatum; statice
  14. Aster (Symphyotrichum); aster
  15. Solidago canadensis; golden rod, yellow aster
  16. Rumohra adiantiformis; leatherleaf fern
  17. Gaultheria shallon; lemon leaf, salal
  18. Pittosporum tobira; pittosporum (dark green);variegated pittosporum (variegated w/white)
  19. Myrtus communis; tall myrtle (tall stems);mini myrtle (short, compact stems; tiny leaves)
  20. Buxus sempervirens; boxwood (dark green);variegated oregonia boxwood (var. w/cream)mini English boxwood (short stems, soft leaves)
  21. Xerophyllum tenax; bear grass

    from the Greek words xeros=dry and phyllon=leaf
  22. Asparagus setaceus; tree fern
  23. Eucalyptus; spiral eucalyptus

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