Forensic science

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  1. What is Locard's principle
    When a person comes in contact with an object or person there is a transfer of materials
  2. The world's largest FBI forensic laboratory is located in
    Quantico, Virginia
  3. CODIS
    Combined DNA Index System
  4. What must be decided to meet the Frye standard
    Whether the questioned technique or principle is "generally accepted" by the scientific community
  5. What the court advocates in the Daubert trial is that
    Trial judges assume the ultimate responsibility for acting as gatekeeper in judging the admissibility and reliability of the scientific evidence
  6. Forensic sciene
    The application of science to law
  7. What is conducted in the Biology unit
    The examination of blood,hairs,fibers and botanical materials
  8. The note taking process begins with the
    call to the crime scene investigator
  9. The most commonly used camera for crime scene photography
    Digital single lens reflex camera
  10. Probability
    The frequency of occurrence of an event
  11. Class characteristics
    Are properties of evidence that can only be associated with a group
  12. CODIS creates investigative leads from what two indexes
    • Forensic
    • Offender
  13. Forensic index
    Currently contains about 110,000 DNA profiles from unsolved crime scene evidence
  14. Offender index
    Contains the profiles of nearly seven million convicted or arrested individuals
  15. Forensic pathologist
    An individual who investigates sudden, unnatural or violent deaths
  16. Rigor mortis
    Following death the muscles relax and become rigid
  17. What does rigor mortis manifest and disappear
    Manifest within the first 24 hours and disappears after 36 hours
  18. On what intervals does the body lose heat
    1-1.5o F every hour until room temperature
  19. Livor mortis
    The setting of the blood in the body closest to the ground
  20. When is the onset of livor mortis
    Immediately-12 hours
  21. Algor mortis
    The cooling of the body after death
  22. Another approach for determining the time of death is determing _______ levels in the ______ fluid
    Potassium, ocular
  23. Forensic anthropology
    The identification and examination of skeletal remains
  24. What is the difference between the skull of the man and woman
    The male has a more pronounced brow bone
  25. What is the difference the sternum of the male and female
    The female sternum is wider and shorter
  26. Forensic entomology
    The study of insects and their relation to an criminal investigation
  27. What kind of insects infest a decomposing body
  28. What is the common decomp insect on a body
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