Exam 2- 1

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    Self portrait/ P. Rubens (Flemish)/E17 /Flanders
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    The Elevation (Raising) of the Cross/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    • Arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseilles/ E17/ Flanders
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    The Raising of the Cross/ P. Rubens/ L16/ Flanders
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    • Henri IV Receiving the Portrait of Marie de Medici/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    Andromeda/ P. Rubens/ E17-/ Flanders
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    Venus and Adonis/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    S. Sebastian/ P. Rubens/ / Flanders
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    Prometheus/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders 
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    Angelica and the Hermit/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    Adam and Eve/ P. Rubens/ / Flanders 
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    • The Three Graces/ P. Rubens/ E17-/ Flanders
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    La Primavera (the three graces)/ Botticelli/ L15/ /
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    Judgement of Paris/ P. Rubens/ E17-/ Flanders 
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    The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders 
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    Samson and Deliah/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders 
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    Capture of Samson/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    The Martyrdom of S. Lieven/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    Assumption of the Virgin/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    The Last Supper (sketch)/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    • Portrait of Susanna Fourment (aka Chapeau de Paille) P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    Portrait of Rubens, his wife, Helena Fourment, and their son, Peter Paul/ E17/ Flanders
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    The Garden of Love/ E17/ Flanders
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    The Triumph of Divine Love/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    Landscape with the Castle Steen/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    Landscape with Rainbow/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    Landscape with a Watering Place/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    Landscape with a Bird-Catcher/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    The Tiger Hunt/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    The Bear Hunt/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    Temptation of Christ/ P. Rubens/ E17/ Flanders
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    Silenus/ P. Rubens/ E17-/ Flanders
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