MS 1 hip non contractile

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  1. iliofemoral lig aka lig of Bertin aka Y lig attachments
    • sup: lower AIIS (rectus fem tendon)
    • inf: entire length of intertrochanteric line
  2. iliofemoral lig aka lig of Bertin aka Y lig, about the sup, central, and inf parts
    • sup: horizontal (aka iliotrochanteric band)
    • central: this part is weak
    • inf: oblique - it inserts into lower trochanteric line
  3. iliofemoral lig aka lig of Bertin aka Y lig - mvmnts restricted
    • extension
    • ER
    • abd (only inf part)
    • add (only sup part aka iliotrochanteric band)
  4. pubofemoral lig attachments
    orientation of fibers
    • med: ant iliopubic eminence, sup pubic ramus, obturator crest
    • lat: ant surface of trochanteric fossa
    • horizontal
  5. pubofemoral lig restricts what?
    • abd
    • ext
    • ER
  6. ischiofemoral lig attachments
    • post: post surface of acetabular rim & labrum
    • sup/lat: inner surface of greater trochanter, ant oto trochanteric fossa and obturator exturnus
  7. are the iliofemoral, pubofemoral, and ischiofemoral ligaments all part of the joint capsule?
  8. ischiofemoral lig orientation of fibers
    spirals superolat over neck of femur from post acetabulum to greater trochanger
  9. ischiofemoral lig limits what mvmnt?
    • IR
    • ext
    • some abd
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MS 1 hip non contractile
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