Alexander III

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  1. What was different between Alexander III and his father
    he was reactionary and lacked reforms
  2. What was the first major counter-reform from Alexander III
    Temporary Regulations
  3. What was Temporary Regulations
    a bendable set of rules Alexander III used to crush revolutionaries and terrorist groups, but became a political weapon
  4. What was the Second Major counter-reform
    University Statue of 1884
  5. What was the University Statue of 1884
    russian education system under government control, as institution could be a breeding ground for revolutionaries. and he wanted russification
  6. What was the Thrid Major counter-reform
    State Gentry Land Bank
  7. What was the State Gentry Land Bank
    Established to handle the wealth of the getnry and bring them to high position and hold control of peseants
  8. How did Alexander further the power of gentry over peseants
    restructured the zemstvo to give power to gentry over peseants
  9. What was the Fourth Major counter-reform
    purification of the russian society via promotion of russification and orthodox christianity
  10. How did Alexander III enforce russification
    forced all subjects to speak russian language and gave the church rights to force people into their religion
  11. Did Russia get in any major wars dring Alexander III reign? Who did they toil with
    No major wars, but they confronted Germany and formed a alliance with them. Also with Great Britain over expansion into Asia
  12. What was the alliance formed with Germany, and Austria-Hungary called
    Three Emperors league
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