Ch:5 thermochemistry

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  1. Thermochemistry
    Is a portion of thermodynamics that involves the study of heat transfer during chemical reactions .
  2. Thermodynamics 
    The study of energy and its transformation 
  3. Energy 
    the ability to do work or transfer heat 
  4. Heat 
    Energy used to cause the temprature of an object to rise 
  5. Kinetic Energy 
    The energy of motion Depends on mass of object and its speed 
  6. Potential Energy 
    is the energy available by virtue of an object's position 
  7. Thermal energy
    is the energy associated with therandom motion of atoms and molecules
  8. Chemical energy
    is the energy stored within thebonds of chemical substances
  9. Nuclear energy
     is the energy stored within thecollection of neutrons and protons in the atom
  10. Enthalpy
    is the internal energy plus the product of pressure and volume
  11. Calorimetry measurements based on
     Heat flow changein (T) experienced by object is determined by its heat capacity
  12. heat capacity.
    The amount of energy required to raise the temperature of a substance by 1 K (or 1C)
  13. Hess’s Law
    If a reaction is carried out in a series of steps, H for the overall reaction will be equal to the sum of the enthalpy changes for the individual steps
  14. Standard state of a substance
    is the pure form of substance at 1 atm and temperature of interest (which usually choose to be 25 C)
  15. Standard enthalpy of formation (H of)
    is the change in enthalpy for the reaction that forms one mole of the compound from its elements, with all substances in their standard states.
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