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  1. Vesicle
    elevated, circumscribed, superficial lesion, filled with serous fluid < 1cm in diameter
  2. Bulla
    elevated, circumscribed, superficial lesion, filled with serous fluid > 1cm in diameter
  3. Macule
    flat circumscribed area < 1cm in diameter
  4. Papule
    an elevated, firm, circumscribed area < 1cm in diameter
  5. Patch
    a flat, nonpalpable, irregularly shaped macule > 1cm in diameter
  6. Plaque
    elevated, firm and rough lesion with a a flat surface > 1cm in diameter
  7. Wheal
    elevated, irregular, transient, superficial area of localized cutaneous edema (hives)
  8. Nodule
    elevated, firm, circumscribed lesion < 1cm in diameter
  9. Tumor
    elevated, solid lesion with depth > 1cm in diameter
  10. Pustule
    elevated, circumscribed, superficial lesions, filled with purulent fluid < 1cm in diameter
  11. Cyst
    elevated, circumscribed, encapsulated lesion, filled with liquid or semi-solid material
  12. Petechiae
    red, purple, nonblanching discoloration < 0.5cm in diameter
  13. Purpura
    red, purple, nonblanching discoloration > 0.5cm in diameter
  14. Scale
    keratinzed cells, flaky skin, irregularly thick or thin, dry or oily, variation in size
  15. Lichenification
    rough, thickened epidermis secondary to persistent rubbibng, itching or skin irritation
  16. Keloid
    irregularly shaped, elevated, progressively enlaring scar; grows beyond boundaries of the wound
  17. Scar
    thick to thin fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin following injury or laceration to the dermis
  18. Excoriation
    loss of epidermis, linear, hollowed out crusted area
  19. Fissure
    linear crack or break in the epidermis to the dermis, may be moist or dry
  20. Erosion
    loss of part of the epidermis, depressed, moist, glistening, following rupture of a vessicle or bulla
  21. Ulcer
    loss of dermis and epidermis, concave and varies in size
  22. Crust
    dried serum, blood or purulent exudates, slightly elevated, vary in size and color (brown, tan, straw colored)
  23. Atrophy
    thinning of skin surface and loss of skin markings, skin is translucent and paper-like
  24. Telangiectasia
    fine, irregular red lines
  25. Comedones
    plugs of whitish or blackish sebaceous material lodged in the pilosebaceous follicles
  26. Milia
    whitish nodules with no visible opening to the skin surface, 1-2mm in diameter
  27. Burrows
    tortuous, long tunnel in the epidermis
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