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  1. Fungal infections caused by:
    • 1. Microsporum sp.
    • 2. Trichophyton sp.
    • 3. Epidermophyton sp.
  2. Epidermis layers
    • 1. Stratum corneum: outermost layer
    • - composed of dry, flat keratinzed cells; main fuction is to be physical barrier

    • 2. Basal layer: deepest layer
    • -single layer of rapidly dividing cells that slowly migrate upward and shed from the starum corneum; shedding takes 4 weeks
    • -intermingled with melancytes, which produce melanin
  3. Structure of Dermis
    • 1. connective tissue layer
    • 2. separates epidermis from cutaneous fat
    • 3. composed of:
    •      a. elastin, collagen, and reticulin fibers
    •      b. sensory nerve fibers
    •      c. autonomic motor nerves
    • 4. Papillary and Reticular layers
    • -toughest at the nape of the neck, palms, and soles
    • -deeper layer has hair folllicles, sebaceous, eccrine, and apocrine glands
  4. Hypodermis structure
    • 1. Subcutaneous layer filled with fat cells
    • 2. Connects dermis to underlying organs
    • 3. Functions:
    •     a. generate heat
    •     b. provide insulation and shock absorption
    •     c. calorie reserve
  5. Eccrine glands
    • -sympathetic controlled
    • -distributed all over body but mostly on forehead, axillae, palm, and soles
    • -produces sweat
  6. Apocrine Glands
    • -androgen controlled
    • -larger and found close to hair follicles
    • -mainly in axillae, pubic area, and perineum
    • -at puberty produces milky, sticky substance
    • -stimulated by stress
    • -bacterial decompiosition of apocrine sweat causes body odor
  7. Sebaceous glands
    • -surround hair follicles all over body, except palms and soles
    • -directly influenced by androgen production
    • -secretes sebum at hair follicles, which goes to surface
  8. Nail structure
    • -Lanula: whitish moon at proximal part of nail
    • -Cutcile: functions as a seal protecting the space between fold and the plate
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