Social Studies Colony

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  1. to treat someone harshly because of their personal beliefs?
  2. a group of people who settle on a distant land but are still controlled by the land they came from?
  3. a document theat gives the holder the right to organize a settlement in an area
  4. a company in which investors buy stock in the company in return for a share of future profits
    joint sstick company
  5. colonists were ablle to choose the government and council
    representative government
  6. elected representatives to an assembly
  7. protesetants who wanted to reform the anglican church
  8. those who wanted to leave and find their own churches
  9. journey had religiuos purpose
  10. a formal document- pledged loyalty to king
    mayflower compact
  11. the ability to stand people who dont have the same beliefs as you
  12. over 15000 puritans grew tired of religious persectution and came to mass.
    great migration
  13. laboror who agreed to work for an extended period of time without pay in exchange for passage to america
    indentured servant
  14. southern land owners- wealthy
  15. a colony in which the owner or propreitor owned all the land and controlled the government
    proprietary colony
  16. the company gave a large estate to anyone who brought at least 50 settlers to work the land. wealthy land owners who aquired the riverfront estates- ruled like kings
  17. only enough food is produced to feed ones family
    subsistence farming
  18. a trade route that exchanged goods between west indies west africa and the american colonies
    triangular trade
  19. crap raised to be sold for money
    cash crop
  20. person who oversees a large operation and its workers
  21. colony establlished by settlers who were given formal documentation
     charter colony
  22. colony was located of coeast of present day norht carolina
  23. colony was set up in present day virginia
  24. queen elizabeth gave sir walter raleigh the right to colonize this land
  25. colony wouldnt have survived if it wasnt for tobacco
  26. members of the colony faced many hardships
  27. john smith led colonists here suring second year
  28. 100 unhappy colonists left after a terrible winter
  29. easy to defend because it was on a peninsula
  30. established only for the purpose of being royal of the mother country
    royal colony
  31. government of conneticut
  32. government of new hampshire
  33. government of mass.
  34. government of rhode island
  35. government of ney york
  36. government of delaware
  37. government of new jersey
  38. government of penn.
  39. government of southern colonies
  40. charter of priveleges
  41. charter of liberties
  42. founded for religous freedom- john winthrope
  43. rhode iland had the idea of making a toleration of religion john wheelwright led group to north
    new hamshire
  44. roger williams was banned from mass. formed colony with religous freedom
    rhode island
  45. thomas hoooker waas disatisfied with mass. he didnt like the way they ran the colony . he heard of good farmland in another area
  46. in 1624 the dutch west india company was formed on manhatten island peter stuyvesant was turned against and surrenderd the colony. king charles the 2nd gove colony to his brother duke of york
    ney york
  47. delaware was the souhtern part of pennsylvania- seperate colony supervised by penn. governor
  48. duke gave the southern part of his colony to lord john berkeley and sir gearge carteret.
    new jersey
  49. william penn presented a plan to king charles. kling owed penn's father so penn inherited the kings promise to repay loan instead of money penn wanted land
  50. first colony
  51. calvert wanted a safe place for his fellow catholics.
  52. king charles 2nd created a propreitary colony called charles land. john locke wrote a constitution for land distrubution but.
    north and south carolina
  53. group led by oglethorpe recieved a charter to colonize so english debtors and the poor could make a new start. colony was also used as a military boundary from the spanish
  54. why did the english want to control trade
    they believed that colonies only existed for the benifit of the parent country- mercantilism
  55. what were the navigation acts? how did they control trade?
    a series of laws that governed trade between england and its colonies- only ships from england and the colonies could carry goods. any ship carrying european goods had to stop in england for tax collection
  56. what was the dominion of england
    king james combined all the colonies from mass. new jersey.
  57. did the dominion of england give the colonists more or less politcal control
    less becuause king james dissmissed the assembalies and appointed sir edmund andros to rule
  58. how did the glorious revolution help the colonists
    the new king and queen ended the dominion of new england and restored elected assemblies- also protected the rights of individuals--english bill of rights trial by jury no cruel punishment and the king couldnt raise taxes without parliment
  59. religous freedom in the new england colonies (irony)
    puritans left for religous freedom but would only allow pruitans in. banished roger williams
  60. why was jamestown settled
    settled for money
  61. why was plymouth settled
    settlers were looking for religous freedom
  62. how did henry the 8th actions influence american colonization?
    he was the reason many people wanted to leave
  63. why was there so much diversity in the middle colonies
    • dutch advertised
    • major ports
    • religous freedom
    • holy experiment
  64. what was the holy experiment
    in pennsylvania it was a chance for penn to put quaker ideas of toleration and equality into practice
  65. john locke
    north and south carolina
  66. sir george calvert and cicileus calvert
  67. john smith
  68. lord john berkely
    sir george carteret
    new jersey
  69. william penn
  70. peter stuyvesant and duke of york
    new york
  71. roger williams
    rhode island
  72. john wheelwright
    new hampshire
  73. james oglethorpe
  74. thomas hooker
  75. william bradford
  76. john winthrope
  77. is maine a colony
    no it is apart of mass.
  78. new england colonies
    • mass.
    • new hampshire
    • connecticut
    • rhode island
  79. middle colonies
    • new york
    • delaware
    • new jersey
    • pennsylvania
  80. southern colonies
    • virginia
    • maryland
    • north/ south carolina
    • georgia
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