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  1. "Though or Feeling"
    • Feeling: Feel Hurt
    • Thought: feel Neglected
  2. Creating an "I Message"
    Feeling Situation Effect
  3. Maslow's Heirarchy
    • Physiological 
    • Safety
    • Love/Belonging/Acceptance
    • Esteem
    • Self Actualization
  4. 8 Skills in Behavior Window
    • Silence
    • Door Openers
    • Acknowledgemetns 
    • Active Listening
    • Confrontive I-Message
    • Shifting Gears (AL/IM)
    • Conflict Resolution (Alternatives)
    • Values Collision Options
  5. 6 Steps in Problem Solving
    • Identifying the Problem
    • Generating Alternative Solutions
    • Evaluating the Alternative Solutions
    • Decision Making
    • Implementing the decision
    • Following up to evaluate
  6. Equitable Social Exchange
    When solutions to conflicts feel fair to both leader and group member
  7. Principle of Participation
    Fostering teamwork by creating a work culture that values collaboration.
  8. Mutual need satisfaction
    No one loses 
  9. Inner child of the past
    a coping mechinism that influences how they will react to leaders
  10. Full Cup Priniple
    In order to give to others i must keep my cup full and keep replinishing it.
  11. Economic Man Theory
    Human beings behave rationally and make choices that will maximaize thier efforts to obtain desired values.
  12. Dissatisfiers
    Certain factors operating in a work group situationact as obstacles to need satisfaction.
  13. Satisfiers
    Providers of need satisfaction
  14. Linking Pins
    People that are leaders in one group and group members in another.
  15. 4 Listening Skills
    • Silence
    • Door Openers
    • Acknowledgements
    • Active Listening
  16. 3 Types of Authority
    • 1 From knowledge
    • 1 From Job Definition
    • 1 From Power (not Legit)
  17. Frame of Reference
    Opinons (Different opinions)
  18. Status Differences
    Age, income, employment
  19. Dilution
    Communication Problems worser w/ Employees at different status levels in the organization.
  20. Filtering
    Intentional sifting of the information (Leaving out part of the truth)
  21. Drama Triangle
          3 Types of people
    • 1. Persecuter (Its your fault, Bitter Inadequate)
    • 2. Rescuer (Let Me do it, Do it my way, Angry, resentful)
    • 3. Victim (Its not fair, blaming, abused, powerless)
  22. How to get off the Drama Triangle
    • 1. Indentify your feelings
    • 2. Take responsibility
    • 3. Use "I" Statements
    • 4. Make implicit/explicit; talk about the game
    • 5. Stop Playing
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