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  1. Characteristics of Axial Muscles[ak-see-uhl]
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    *Axial Muscles have both their origins and insertions on parts of the Axial Skeleton

    *Axial Muscles support the head and spinal column

    *Axial Muscles are used in facial expressions, chewing and swallowing

    *Axial Muscles aid in breathing 

    *Support and Protection of the abdominal and pelvic organ
  2. 5 Groups of Axial[ak-see-uhl] Muscles
    1- Muscles of Head and Neck

    2-Muslces of Spinal

    3-Muscles of Respiration

    4-Muslces of Abdominal Wall

    5-Muscles of Pelvic Floor
  3. Muscles of Facial Expressions
    3 Major Characteristics
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    1-Originate in the superficial fascia{fey-shuh} or on the skull bones

    2-Insert into the superficial fascia{fey-shuh} of the skin

    3-Contract and Contort the skin causing it to move (facial expressions
  4. Define Buccinator[buhk-suh-ney-ter]
    Compresses check against teeth when we eat to keep food from getting into the VESTIBULE[ves-tuh-byool].

    Also the muscle for suckling-compresses air in the oral cavity to play wind intrument

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  5. Muscles of Mastication(Lab)
    *Refers to the process of chewing

    *Move the mandible at the temporomandibular joint

    • *Paired muscles of Mastication
    • **Temporalis
    • ***Masseter[ma-see-ter]
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  6. Muscles of Mastication(class)
    3 parts
    1-Temporalis-elevates and retracts the mandible(pulls posteriorly)

    2-Masseter-elevates and retracts the mandible(pulls anteriorly)

    • 3-Lateral and medial pterygoids{Terri-Goids}-protract and move the mandible side to side while chewing
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  7. Anterior and Lateral Neck Muscles(Lab)
    • *FLEX the head and neck downward
    • **"Neck flexion" and "Head flexion" refer to the same movement

    • *The main muscles are the Sternocleidomastoid{sterm-o-cloid-mas-toid}  and the 3 Scalenes{scay-lean-s}
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  8. Define Anterolateral{ an·ter·o·lat·er·al} Muscles
    • Flex the head and/or neck 
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  9. Define-Posterior Muscles
    • Extend Head and/or neck
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  10. Define-Sternocleidomastoid [stur-no-kloy-duh-mas-toid]
    *anterolateral neck muscle*

    Bilateral Contraction & Unilateral 

    Test Question

    with baby and head stuck?? 
    Sternocleidomastoid muscles are the major muscles of this compartment

    Bilateral Contraction- cause flexion of the neck

    • Unilateral Contraction-cause lateral flexion and rotation of head to the opposite side
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  11. Characteristics of Posterior Neck Muscles(lab)
    1-Extend the head/neck

    2-The trapezius attaches to the skull and helps extend the head/neck

    • 3-Primary function is to help move the pectoral girdle
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  12. Define-Posterior Neck Muscles
    Posterior Neck Muscles extend the head and neck when they contract bilaterally

    • Posterior Neck Muscles contract unilaterally when they turn the head and neck to the same side
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    • Left side-                                  Right Side
    • Semispinalis Capitis                Rectus Capitis Post Minor
    • Sternocleidomastoid               Rectus Capitis Post Major
    • Splenius Capitis                      Superior Oblique
    • Levator Scapulae                    Inferior Oblique
    • Splenius Cervicis                    Longissimus Capitius
    •                                               Semispinalis Capitis(cut)
    •                                               Splenius Capitis(cut)
    •                                               Scalenus Posterior
  13. Name the 4 major Posterior Neck Muscles
    Starting from top

    1-Semispinalis Capitis{(semi-spi-NA-lis cap-I-tus)}

    2-Splenius Capitis{Splen*ious Cap-I-tus}

    3-Levator Scapulae{[li-vey-ter skap-yuh-luh] 

    • 4-Splenius Cervicis [splee-nee-uhs, services} 
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    • On Left Side
    • Semispinalis Capitis
    • Sternocleidomastoid
    • Splenius Capitis
    • Levator Scapulae
    • Splenius Cervicis
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