Exam I

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  1. Test
    protectuve shell of calcium carbonate silica protein or debris
  2. Axopodia
    works like a conveyor belt; extend through holes in test
  3. Lobopida
    pseudopodia of amoeba proteus
  4. Giardia
    causes backpackers dysentery lives in digestive tracts
  5. Cyst
    Bladder like sac formed in animal tissue
  6. Reservoir Host
    Animal that is infected by a parasites source for humans or other host.
  7. Radiolarians
    amoeboid protozoa
  8. Foraminiferans
    class Foraminifera, large, shelled ameboid protozoans belonging to the phylum Sarcodina
  9. Intermediate Host
    Undergoes but does nt rach sexual maturity
  10. Definitve Host
    Spends sexual stage of life cycle.
  11. Trypanosoma Cruzi
    protozoan parasite, is the causative agent of  chagas disease
  12. Trypanosoma brucei
    protozoan with flagella (protist) species that causes African trypanosomiasis
  13. Chagas
    caused by trypanosoma cruzi
  14. Kissing Bug
    Intermediate host (vector) that transmit chagas diease
  15. Sleeping Sickness
    Diease from africa associated t.brucie
  16. Teste Fly
    Intermediate Host of sleeping sickness
  17. Antigen
    substance that caus eyour body to produce antibody
  18. Antibody
    used to identify and neutralized bacteria and virus
  19. Symbiosis
    intimate association between two species
  20. Parasitism
    one benefits one is harmed (host)
  21. Mutualism
    both organism benfit
  22. Commensalism
    One organism benfit but host is unaffected
  23. Trichonympha
    A flagellate from the gut of a termite diges wood
  24. Cassiopea
    jellyfish that gets much of its food from dinoflagellate symbionts
  25. Dinoflagellate
    produces food for jellyfish photsynthetic bottom of food chain
  26. Photosynthesis
    Carbon dixode and water combine to make sugar
  27. Cellulose
  28. Red Tide
    caused when dinoflagellates bloom in response to excess nutrients in water
  29. Entamoeba Hystolitica
    is an anaerobic parasitic protozoan, part of the genus Entamoeba. Predominantly infecting humans and other primates
  30. Amoeba proteus
    • is a large protozoan and belongs to the Phyllum
    • Sarcodina
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