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  1. subculture
    a segment of a larger culture whose members share distinguishing values and patterns of behavior.
  2. Ethnic Subcultures
    • African Americans
    • Hispanics
    • Asian Americans
    • Native Americans
    • Asian-Indian Americans
    • Arab Americans
  3. Ethnic Subcultures
    those subcultures whose members’ unique shared behaviors are based on a common racial, language, or nationality background.
  4. African American Buying Power
    • $799 billion in buying power
    • Expected to grow by more than 30% over the next five years
    • African Americans are younger than the white population
    • Tend to have less education and lower household income levels
    • 1/3 of black household incomes >$50,000.
  5. Hispanic American Buying Power
    • $798 billion in buying power
    • Expected to grow by 50% by 2011
    • Income, education, language, and identification with Hispanic culture change across generations
  6. Asain American Buying Power
    • Highest educated and the highest income group
    • Purchase power is $427 billion
    • Expected to grow by 46% by 2011
    • Most diverse group, with numerous nationalities, languages, and religions
  7. Native American Purchasing Power
    • Approximately 550 Native American tribes
    • Limited incomes
    • $54 billion in buying power
    • Expected to grow by 35% by 2011
  8. Asian-Indian American Buying Power
    • Well educated, affluent, and fluent in English
    • Retain cultural ties to their Indian background
  9. Arab American Buying Power
    • Somewhat younger then the general population
    • Better educated, and have a higher than average income
  10. Regional subcultures arise because of......
    • climate conditions
    • natural environment and resources
    • significant social and political events
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