SAT Words

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  1. Abdicate
    To leave
  2. Abet
    To help
  3. Abhor
    To hate and avoid
  4. Abject
    been thrown out of safety
  5. Absolve
    To wipe clean
  6. Abstain
    To refrain from doing something bad
  7. Academic
    Pertaining to education
  8. Accede
    To give in to
  9. Acclimate
    To get used to a situation or enivornment
  10. Addiction
    An unusual obsession 
  11. Adjourn
    To formally close
  12. Adverse
    Hostile on purpose
  13. Advocate
    To speak in favor of
  14. Aesthetic
    Pertaining to beauty or art
  15. Affable
    Easy to talk to
  16. Affectation
    Pretentious display of manners
  17. Affluent
  18. Agenda
    List or plan
  19. Aggregate
    To add it up
  20. Agile
    Swift action
  21. Alienate
    To leave out
  22. Allege
    To claim
  23. Allude
    To refer casually or indirectly
  24. Ambience
  25. Ambivalent
    Strength on two sides
  26. Amnesty
    Giving someone freedom from
  27. Anachronism
    Out of its time period 
  28. Anarchy
    abscure of government of power
  29. Anathema
    Object of hatred
  30. Anecdote
    Story in a speech
  31. Anomaly
    Something not normal
  32. Apathy
    Not caring
  33. Appall
    To shock
  34. Apprehend
    To take it in
  35. Arbitrary
  36. Arbitrate
  37. Array
    A line up
  38. Articulate
    Be fluent in speech
  39. Askew
  40. Assimilate
    To blend in culturally 
  41. Astute
    Learned scholarly 
  42. Asylum
    To protect
  43. Atone
    To forgive or make up for wrong doing
  44. Atrocity
    Horrible; or never happening again
  45. Atrophy
    Decaying of flesh
  46. Attrition
    To drop out slowly
  47. Augment
    To modify by adding
  48. Augur
    To predict future through omens
  49. Austere
    Simple, clean
  50. Authentic
    Genuine, real
  51. Avarice
  52. Avid
    To be greatly interesting or involved in
  53. Badger
    To pester or annoy
  54. Baffle
    To confuse
  55. Banal
    Over-done to boring
  56. Belligerent
  57. Benign
    Kindly dispotition, gracious
  58. Bicker
    To argue
  59. Bizarre
  60. Bland
    Boring, dull
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