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  1. penetrate the market
    to enter into a market
  2. per annum
    (Latin) per year
  3. per se
    (Latin) by itself
  4. perfected
    when the appropriate filing or registering or other formal action of a security interest has been done to protect one's security interest in another's property against all other creditors
  5. perfection
    appropriate filing or registering or other formal action of a security interest in order to protect one's security interest in another's property against all other creditors
  6. performance
    completion of obligations required by contract
  7. personal liability
    state of being legally obliged out of one's own personal assets
  8. personal property
    (also chattels in common law) things that are moveable (as opposed to real property) and capable of being owned
  9. personalty
    personal property (as opposed real property)
  10. petitioner
    (US) person who brings a petition to a court, especially on appeal
  11. picketing
    demonstration outside a place of work in which people congregate to dissuade others from entering the building, usually done in attempt to persuade another party to meet certain demands. It is often done during a strike.
  12. pleading
    formal written statement setting forth the cause of action or the defence in a case
  13. pledge
    property which is security for a debt or obligation
  14. pledgee
    person who receives a pledge, or the creditor in a secured transaction
  15. pledgor
    person who gives a pledge, or the debtor in a secured transaction
  16. possessory
    type of security interest whereby the creditor has the right to control the property
  17. predatory pricing
    pricing a product 50 low - for example, below its production cost - as to eliminate competition
  18. pre-emption rights
    (UK) rights of shareholders to maintain their proportionate ownership in a company by purchasing newly issued stock before it is offered to the public (US preemptive rights)
  19. preference shares
    (UK) shares that are given preference in dividend entitlements over ordinary shares, but usually do not carry any voting rights (US preferred shares)
  20. price fixing
    conduct of setting a price for a product which is contrary to workings of supply and demand, and therefore contrary to the free market
  21. priority
    right to enforce a claim before others
  22. priority creditor
    creditor who is given priority over other creditors, or has first claim over the debtor's assets
  23. private international law
    body of law dealing with disputes between private persons living in different nations and governing such things as applicable law, jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments
  24. privity of contract
    relationship between parties to a contract
  25. pro forma
    (Latin) as a matter of form
  26. pro rata
    (Latin) proportionally
  27. proflt-and-Ioss account
    (UK) statement summarising a company's revenues and expenses over a period of time (US profit-and-loss statement or income statement)
  28. promisee
    person to whom a promise, or an assurance that something will or wilt not be done, is made
  29. promisor
    person who makes a promise or an assurance that they will or will not do something
  30. promissory note
    formal unconditional written note made and signed by a person obligating him or her to pay a specified sum of money to another specified person or to the bearer of the document
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