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  1. abastecer
    to supply
  2. acompa�ar
    to accompany
  3. advertir
    to warn
  4. agarrar
    to grab
  5. agonizar
    to be dying
  6. aguantar
    to bear, to endure
  7. alterarse
    to become agitated
  8. aniquilar
    to annihilate, to exterminate
  9. apoderarse
    to take over
  10. aquejar
    to afflict
  11. arrojar
    to hurl, to fling, to throw
  12. atestiguar
    to testify
  13. aventurarse
    to venture, to risk
  14. brotar
    to sprout, to erupt, to appear
  15. capturar
    to capture
  16. ceder
    to hand over, to yield
  17. compadecer
    to sympathize
  18. condecorar
    to bestow on
  19. contagiar
    to spread, to infect
  20. cosechar
    to harvest
  21. cumplir
    to fulfill
  22. degradar
    to degrade
  23. derrotar
    to defeat
  24. desaprovechar
    to waste, to misuse
  25. desgarrar
    to tear, to rip
  26. deslizar
    to slide
  27. desprenderse
    to detach oneself, to release oneself
  28. detonar
    to detonate
  29. disimular
    to pretend, to conceal
  30. divisar
    to see in the distance
  31. echar
    to throw away
  32. emocionarse
    to get excited
  33. empujar
    to push
  34. enfrentarse
    to confront
  35. entretener
    to entertain
  36. escaparse
    to escape
  37. esparcir
    to spread, to scatter
  38. exigir
    to demand
  39. fastidiar
    to bother
  40. florecer
    to bloom
  41. fomentar
    to foster, to encourage
  42. fundar
    to found
  43. habitar
    to inhabit, to live
  44. honrar
    to honor
  45. imponer
    to impose
  46. indagar
    to investigate
  47. instalar
    to install
  48. interrumpir
    to interrupt
  49. jubilarse
    to retire
  50. localizar
    to locate
  51. masticar
    to chew
  52. navegar
    to navigate, to sail
  53. perdurar
    to last
  54. perseverar
    to perservere
  55. prescribir
    to prescribe
  56. prever
    to anticipate
  57. propagar
    to disseminate
  58. quejarse
    to complain
  59. reciclar
    to recycle
  60. reconocer
    to recognize
  61. reflejar
    to reflect
  62. reinar
    to reign
  63. renocarse
    to renew
  64. reprobar
    to fial
  65. respetar
    to respect
  66. roer
    to gnaw
  67. sobresalir
    to stand out, to excel
  68. solucionar
    to solve
  69. so�ar
    to dream
  70. sostener
    to sustain
  71. surgir
    to arise, to come up
  72. tambalearse
    to stagger
  73. trasnochar
    to stay up
  74. turbar
    to disturb, to upset
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