LAW 308-6

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  1. Nature of Crimes
    any act or omission forbidden by pulic law
  2. Actus Reus
    wrongful or overt act
  3. Mens Rea
    Criminal intent o mental fault
  4. Felony
    a serious crime
  5. misdemenor
    a less serious crime
  6. Vicarious Liability
    liability imposed for acts of his or her employees if the employer directed, participated in, or approved of the acts.
  7. Liability of a corporation
    under certain circumstances a corporation may be convicted of crimes and punished by fines
  8. White Collar Crime
    nonviolent crime involving deciet, corruption, or breach of trust
  9. Computer Crime
    use of a computer to commit a crime
  10. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act
    federal law intended to stop organized crime from infiltrating legitamate businesses
  11. Larceny
    trespassory taking and carrying away of personal property of another with the intent to deprive th victim permamently of the property
  12. Embezzelment
    taking of anothers property by a person who was in lawful possession of the property
  13. False Pretenses
    obtaining title to property of another by means of representations one knows to be materially false, made with intent to defraud
  14. Robbery
    committing larceny with the use of threat of force
  15. Burglary
    under most statutes, an entry inot a building witht the intnet to commit a felony
  16. Extortion
    the making of threats to obtain money or property
  17. Bribery
    offering money or property to a public official to influence the officials decision
  18. Forgery
    intentional falsification of a document in order to defraud
  19. Bad Checks
    knowingly issuing a check without funds sufficient to cover the check
  20. Defense of person or property
    individuals may use reasonable force force to protect themselfs, other individuals, and their property.
  21. Duress
    coercion by threat of seriously bodily harm is a defense to criminal conduct other than murder
  22. Mistake of Fact
    honest and reasonable belief that conduct is not criminal is a defense
  23. Entrapment
    inducement by a law enforcement official to commit a crime is a defense
  24. Steps in a criminal procecution
    arrest, booking, formal notice of charges, preliminary hearing, indictment or information, arraignment, trial
  25. Fourth Ammendment
    protects individuals agianst unreasonable searches and seizures
  26. Fifth Ammendment
    protects persons against sefl-incrimination, double jeopardy, and being charged with capital crime except by grand jury indictment
  27. Sixth Ammendment
    provides the accused with the rightt to a speedy trial the opportunity to confront witnesses the right to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses and the right to counsel
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