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  1. to give / provide / offer an explanation (of/for)
    a statement, fact, or situation that tells you why something happened; a reason given for something
  2. to carry out an exploration (of)
    an examination of something in order to find out about it
  3. to place/ lay / put emphasis (on)
    special importance that is given to something. Increased emphasis is now being placed on corporate image.
  4. to give / provide a description
    a piece of writing or speech that says what somebody/something is like; the act of writing or saying in words what somebody/something is like
  5. to be based on the principles of
    a moral rule or a strong belief that influences your actions; a law, a rule or a theory that something is based on
  6. on the subject of
    a thing or person that is being discussed, described or dealt with
  7. the issue of (vs problem)
    issue: an important topic that people are discussing or arguing about; problem: a thing that is difficult to deal with or to understand
  8. an important aspect of
    a particular part or feature of a situation, an idea, a problem, etc; a way in which it may be considered
  9. an essential feature of
    something important, interesting or typical of a place or thing
  10. to be beyond the scope of
    the range of things that a subject, an organization, an activity, etc. deals with
  11. to reveal the pattern of
    the regular way in which something happens or is done
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