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  1. Hypertension not controlled by diuretic and two other agents
    Appears to alter Ca+2 uptake
    Warning of possible caridac lesions
    Minoxidil - Loniten
  2. Long term treatment of hypertension
    IV through a central catheter
    Direct vasodilation of pulmonary and systemic vascular beds
    T 1/2 - 6 minutes
    Epoprostenol sodium - flolan
  3. Common names Prostacyclin & PGI2
    Epoprostenol sodium - flolan
  4. Long term treatment of pulmonary hypertension
    Sub Q - medronic minimed device
    Prostaglandin analog
    T 1/2 - 2-4 hours
    Trepostinil sodium - Remodulin
  5. Long term treatment of hypertension
    Oral dosing
    Specific and competitive antagonist of endothelin-1 receptors
    Contraindicated in pregnancy
    Monitor liver function
    Bosentan - Tracleer
  6. Pulmonary arterial hypertension
    Dilates systemic and pulmonary arterial beds
    Eliminated by beta-oxidation + glucuronide conjugate
    Iloprost - ventavis
  7. Pulmonary arterial hypertension
    Selective inhibitor of cyclic guanosine monophosphate specific phosphodiesterase 5
    increase effects of NO
    SE - abnormal color vision
    known QT longation
    Sildenafil citrate - Revatio
  8. Sildenafil for erectile dysfuncion
  9. Tadalafil for erectile dysfunction
  10. Pulmonary hypertension
    Selective inhibitor of cyclic guanosine monophosphate specific phosphodiesterase 5
    increase effects of NO
    SE - Abnormal color vision
    Sudden hearing loss
    Tadalafil - Adcirca
  11. Endothelial receptor antagonist for type-A (ETA) receptor
    Pulmonary arterial hypertension
    Substrate for P-gp, OAT, CYP3A4 & CYP2C19
    Ambrisentan - Letairis
  12. Peripheral ischemia due to arterial spasm & myocardial arrhythmias
    inhibits cAMP phosphodiesterase, ^ cAMP
    Contraindicated in glaucoma
    GI & GU spasmolytic
    Old natural product isolated from plant
    • Papaverine - Pavabid
    • Ethaverine - Ethaquin
  13. Possible effective against cerebral vascular insufficiency (burgers disease)
    unlabeled - dysmenorrhea & threatened premature labor
    Alpha adrenoceptor antagonist with beta adrenoreceptor stimulating properties
    SE - palpitations & rash
    Isoxsuprine - Vasodilan
  14. Peptide derived vasodilators
    derived from E. coli
    32 amino acid
    fragment of human B-type natriuretic peptide produced by ventricular myocardium
    SE - watch for patients with low cardiac filling pressure
    Nesiritide - Natrecor

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