Specialty tertiary literature evaluation

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  1. Adverse effects
    • meylers Side effects of Drugs
    • Drug induced Diseases
  2. Availability
    Advice for the patient
  3. Biopharmaceutics
    • Casarett and Doull's Toxicology
    • Meylers Side effects of drugs
  4. Contraindications
    • Stockelys drug's interactions
    • Meyler;s side effects of drugs
    • Advice for the patient
  5. Dosage
    • THe Harriet Lane Handbook
    • Advice for the Patient
    • Nonprescription Drug facts
  6. Drug literature evaluation
    • Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
    • review of natural products
  7. Drug Utilization
    Handbook of nonprescription drugs
  8. Identification
    • USP/NF
    • THe Harriet Lane handobok
    • Clinical Toxicology of commerical products
    • Casarett and Doulls Toxicology
  9. Lab Values
  10. The Merck Manual
    • Basic Skillin in INterpreting Laboratory data
    • Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests
  11. law and economics
    USP Pharmacopeia
  12. Patient INstruction
    • Medication teaching manual
    • Advice for the patient
  13. Pharmaceutical Compatibility
    • King Guide to parenteral admixtures
    • Handbook on injectable drugs
  14. THerapeutic Action
    • Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs
    • Drug induced diseases
    • Meylers side effects of drugs
  15. Therapeutic Compatibility
    • Drug interaction analyisis and management
    • Drug interaction facts
    • Stockelys Drug interactions
  16. Therapeutic Use
    • Medication teaching manual
    • meylers side effects of drugs
  17. Toxicology
    • Durgs in pregnancy and lactation
    • the ahrriet lane handbook
    • CLinical toxicology of commerical products
    • Casarett and DOul's Toxicology
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Specialty tertiary literature evaluation
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Specialty tertiary literature evaluation
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