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  1. What is Biodiversity?
    Biodiversity is the number and variety of organasims found in a specific reigon.
  2. What does the word protect mean?
    • This means to legaly gaurd from harm a species that is listed as endangered, thretened, or of special concern.
    • There are many examples currunly a possible insect could be the bee because they are having trouble getting back to the hive.
  3. What is a biodiversity hotspot?
    This is a place where there is an exeptionally large number of species in a relativily small area.
  4. What is a community?
    A community is where all the populations of different species that interact in a specific area or ecosystem.
  5. What is a Dominint species?
    This is a species that is so abundunt that it has the largesr biomass of any community member.
  6. What is a keystone Species?
    A keyston species is a species that can greatly affect population members and the health of an ecosystem. This could be an animal or a plant.
  7. What is captive breeding?
    Captive breeding is the breeding of a rare or endangered wildlife in controlled settings to increase the population size.
  8. What is an ecosystem engineer?
    • This is a species that causes such dramatic changes to landscapes that it creates a new ecosystem.
    • Humans are an example.
  9. What is a succession?
    This is a series of changes in a ecosystem that occours over time following a disturbance.
  10. What is haitat loss?
    • This is when an organasims habitat is destroyed ussully is a result from human activities.
    • Humans cutting trees for wood can result in habitat loss.
  11. What is Deforestation?
    Deforestation is the practice of clearing forests for logging or other human uses and never replanting them.
  12. What is an Alien Species?
    • An Alien species is a species that is accedentilly or delibrately introduced to a new location this is ussully a result of human activity.
    • One example are the zebra mussles.
  13. What is an invasive species?
    • An Invasive species is a species that can take over the habitat of native species or invade their bodies.
    • The Zebra Mussle was also a invasive species.
  14. What is overexploitation?
    This is when the use or extraction of a resourse intil it it depleted.
  15. What does the word extinction mean?
    This is the death of all the individuals of a certin species like the golden frog.
  16. What is a Biodiversity Crises?
    A biodiversity crises is the current accelerated rate of extinction on earth.
  17. What is restoration ecology?
    • This is the renewal of degraded or destroyed ecosystems through active human intervention.
    • This can be done by replanting trees where a forest used to exist.
  18. What is reforestation?
    Reforestation is the regrowth of a forest either through the planting of seeds or trees in an area where a forest was cut down.
  19. What is Biocontrol?
    Biocontrol is the use of a species to control the population growth or spread of an undersirable species.
  20. What is Bioremidation?
    This is the use of living organasims to clean up contaminated areas naturally.
  21. What is Bioaugmentation?
    This is the use of organasims to add esential nutrients to depleted soils.
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