Elements & Compunds

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  1. Element
     A pure substance that cannot be broken down
  2. Mixture
    • When two or more substances are mixed together
    • Not chemically changed
  3. Compound
    Two or more elements are chemically bonded together
  4. Proton
    • Positively charged particle inside the nucleus
    • Number of protons determines its atomic number
  5. Neutron
    • Subtonic particle inside the nucleus
    • No electric charge
  6. Electron
    Negatively charged particle surrounding the nucleus
  7. Atom
    Smallest unit of matter
  8. Metal
    • Solid & Hard
    • Shiny
    • Malleable (able to be shaped or molded)
    • Fusible (able to be melted)
    • Ductile (withstand change in shape)
    • Good thermal and electrical conductivity
  9. Non Metal
    • Not metals
    • Dull
    • Fragile
    • Poor thermal and electrical conductivity
  10. Metalloid
    • Element whose properties are both metal and non metal
    • Electrical semi-conductors
  11. Molecule
    Atoms of the same element join
  12. Testing for CO2
    • Place HCC and marble chips in a side arm test tube (with rubber stopper ontop) having the rubber tubing drain into a beaker of limewater
    • Blowing into a test tube of limewater with a straw creating small bubbles
  13. Testing for O2
    Burn the end of a wooden stick then put it out. Stick the end of the stick into a test tube containing hydrogen peroxide and manganese dioxide
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