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  1. Kinetc Energy
    Energy possesed by moving objects
  2. GPE(gravitational potential energy)
    A form of stored energy, like a rock on a cliff face
  3. CPE(chemical potential energy)
    • Energy stored in the chemical bonds of substances. It is released from fuels when they are burnt.
    • All substances have this
  4. EPE(elastic potential energy)
    Stored energy in things that are compressed, twisted, flexed or wound up in something
  5. Electrical Energy
    Energy due to charged particles, most useful form is electrical current which is a flow of electrons from one place to another
  6. Sound Energy
    Energy which travels through matter by compression waves. It is the vibrations travelling through the air
  7. Heat Energy
    Special form of kinetic energy. It is made because of the movement of the particles in matter
  8. Light Energy
    A form of electromagnetic energy and is the most useful form of energy. Travels in waves
  9. Nuclear Energy
    Released when the structure of an atom is being changed by splitting or fusing together. It can create large amounts of electrical and heat energy
  10. Law of Conservation
    Energy cannot be created or destroyed and when it transfoms the total energy before is equal to the total energy after.
  11. Sources of Energy
    • Ethanol-liquid fuel that can be made from starch. Added to petrol to make it last longer
    • Bio-Diesel-can be made from chemicaly treated vegetable oil
    • Hydrogen-gas fuel that can be made from water but requires alot of electricity and machines
  12. Renweable Energy
    Energy that can be reused and the source will never run out
  13. Pendulum
    The potential energy is always more than the kinetic energy given
  14. Non-renewable Energy
    Energy that cannot be reused and comes from a source that can run out
  15. Simple Machines
    • All machines are forms of the six simple machines
    • Lever
    • Ramp
    • Pulley
    • Wheel
    • Wedge
    • Screw
  16. Gears
    • Wheels fitted with teeth
    • Same size change direction or rotation
    • Different sizes can magnify speed or force
  17. Force Magnifier
    A weak force turning a small gear fast makes a large gear turn slower with a stronger force
  18. Speed Magnifier
    A strong force turning a large gear slowly makes a small gear turn faster with a weaker force
  19. Fulcrum
    The point where a lever balances
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