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  1. function of the testes?
    • dual function:
    • spermatogenesis (sperm prod)
    • secrete testosterone
  2. funtion of the prostate gland?
    secretes what is chemically and physiologically suitable for the needs of the spermatozoa in their passage from the testes
  3. function of the penis?
    • copulation
    • urination
  4. gerintologic considerations for male repro?
    • prostate gland enlarges w/age & secretions decrease
    • scrotum hangs lower
    • testes get smaller and more firm
    • d/c testosterone
    • d/c sexual function
    • i/c GU cancer
    • i/c incontinence
  5. decrease in sex hormone secretion causes?
    • d/c muscle strength and sexual energy
    • d/c in viable sperm
    • shrinking of testes
    • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
    • enlargement of prostate
  6. what are the changes in sexual response to age?
    • prolonged time to reach full erection
    • rapid penile detumescence (d/c swelling)
    • prolonged refractory time
    • d/c viable sperm
    • ED
    • s/s of obstruction of lower urinary tract
    • permission
    • limited
    • info
    • specific
    • suggestions
    • intensive
    • therapy
  8. s/s of enlarged prostate?
    • increased urinary freq
    • d/c force
    • double, triple voiding
    • dysuria
    • hematuria
    • hematospermia
  9. influencing factors of sexual dysfunction?
    • stress
    • physical disease (DM, MS, Stroke, Cardiac)
    • meds (antiHTN, anticholinergics, psychotropics)
    • drugs
    • alcohol
  10. positive DRE and increased PSA =
    prostate cancer
  11. PSA
    • prostate specific antigen that is produced by the prostate gland
    • increased in prostate cancer (over 0.4 ng/mL)
    • normal 0.2-0.4
    • drawn before DRE or catheterization or you will get a false negative
  12. when is PSA elevated?
    • in BPH, prostate cancer, infections of the prostate and urinary tract
    • ID those at risk
    • used to monitor after Tx for cancer
  13. TRUS
    • transrectal ultrasound
    • done after DRE
    • guides needle biopsies
  14. teaching to minimize recurrence of prostate cancer?
    have regular PSA tests and repeat lymph node biopsies
  15. surgical removal of one teste?
  16. hydrocele
    • collection of fluid in the tunica vaginalis (scrotum)
    • repair of hydrocele- hydrocelectomy
  17. Viagra
    • one hr before sex
    • for ED, impotence
  18. prostatitis
    inflammation of the prostate gland
  19. priapism
    uncontrolled, presistant erection of the penis from either neural or vascular causes.
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