people pre-WWII

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  1. Benito Mussolini
    • -Il Duce of Fascist Italy
    • -wanted Roman Empire
  2. Joseph Stalin
    • -Communist (classless system) leader of S.U.: made Russia world power
    • - signed non-aggression pact
  3. Charles de Gaulle
    • -tank commander
    • -leader of Free France
  4. Francisco Franco
    • -lead nationalist gov't in Spain
    • -started Spanish Civil War
    • -got help from Mussolini and Hitler
  5. FDR
    • -32nd President; polio; died before end of war
    • -elected 4 times
    • -led U.S. out of depression and into WWII
  6. Winston Churchill
    • -Prime Minister of England
    • -kept morale high
  7. Emperor Hirohito
    -powerless emperor- God on Earth
  8. Harry S Truman
    • -VP for FDR
    • -ended WWII
    • -1st President to use atomic weapons (justified becasue he saved lives)
  9. Chiang Kai-shek
    • -Leader of Republic of China
    • -Fought Communist Forces
    • -teamed with Mao Tse-tung to fight Japanese
  10. Mao Tse-tung
    • -Communist leader in China
    • -Teamed with Kai-shek
  11. General Dwight Eisenhower
    • 34th President
    • -in charge of al Allies forces in Europe
    • -commanded D-Day invasion on Normandy
    • -WAR HERO
  12. Admiral Karl Donitz
    • -U-boat commander
    • -2nd president of Reich after Hitler
  13. General Douglas MacArthur
    • -Led U.S. Army/Marine Corps to vicotory in Pacific
    • -Supreme Allied Commander of Japan afer WWII
  14. General George Marshall
    • -General of Army at home-front only
    • -most important: sold war bonds to fund the war
  15. General Bernard Montgomery
    British General took undue credit from American generals
  16. Admiral Chester Nimitz
    -Commander of all U.S. forces in Pacific, came up with island-hopping strategy
  17. General George Patton
    fought in North Africa, very honest person
  18. General Omar Bradley
    • -commander of the American forces in Omaha and Utah.¬†
    • All American, British, and Canadian troops landed successfully on D-Day
  19. General Erwin Rommel
    • -Desert Fox
    • -Realized hitler was nuts and planned assassination
    • -Hitler gave ultimatum when he found out: take your own life or I kill your family
  20. Prime Minister Tojo
    • -Ruled Japan with iron fist, most feared in Japan
    • -Realized they had to attack Pearl Harbor
    • -Used God on Earth to convince the people
  21. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
    • wanted to attack last American base- something Island
    • -knew they messed up attacking Pearl Harbor: missed targets
  22. Dorie Miller
    • Naval Serviceman who dies on ship in WWII
    • cook and hero
  23. Albert Einstein
    • German fled to U.S.
    • Introduced Nuclear Fission to FDR
    • FDR started Manhattan Project
  24. Robert Oppenheimer
    • head of Manhattan Project
    • physicist
    • helped develop first atomic bomb in New Mexico
  25. Eleanor Roosevelt
    • Improved morale of Americans.
    • visited servicemen, made phone calls
  26. Oskar Schindler
    • businessman/Nazi spy
    • Had people working for him intentionally messing up weapons in factory. They were on a list exempt from concentration camps
    • hero to Jews
  27. Joseph Grew
    U.S. ambassador to Japan before WWII
  28. Cordell Hull
    • longest serving U.S. Secretary of State in WWII
    • Helped make UN
    • served the President in office fore 12 years
  29. Heinrich Himmler
    • Hitler's henchman in charge of his social security
    • very feared
    • hepled create Holocuast
  30. Joseph Goebbels
    • head of propoganda for Nazi Party¬†
    • made concentration camps look like summer camp in commercials
    • Loved Hitler
    • killed family because Hitler lost
  31. Rudolf Hess
    • helped Hitler write Mein Kampf
    • Deputer leader
    • crash landed in Ireland unnecessarily to make deal with British
  32. Herman Goering
    • Hitler's confidant
    • Head of Luftwaffe
    • falsely promised no bombs would hit Berlin (Germany's capital)
  33. Reinhard Heydrich
    • did Himmler's dirty work.
    • Head of Gestapo
    • Hitler lied and said he was the natural successor when Karl Dontiz was
  34. Martin Bormann
    • Hess's Secretary
    • handled domestic affairs while Hitler was away
  35. Dr. Josef Mengele
    • Angel of Death
    • picked who died and lived
    • Dropped body temperature to freezing and then heated it up again and vice versa, etc.
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