lecture 1

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  1. Jerusalem Community three pillars
    PEter, John, James 
  2. Jerusalem and Antioch - tensions
    • tensions in jerusalem and divisions between hellenists and jews
    • tensions between judaism and elements of jesus movement 
    • influential church in antioch - (Antioch, uncircumcised, no experience of jesus) 
  3. Paul - biographical info
    • Hellenistic jew - pharisee from tarsus 
    • 34- conversion of paul near damascus 
    • 37 - first trip to jerusalem 
    • 41 - first persecution by herod agrippa 
    • 50-51 apostolic conference 
  4. apostolic conference 
    • acts - interested in haromizing; reason: determine validity of law 
    • Galatians - abrasive; judaizers tried to subvert pal's ministry 

    *equality of two missions 
  5. meek's thesis
    rapid spread of christianity thorugh lands of mediterranean basin was facilitated in manifold ways by urbanization that had begun there before alexander and accelerated during hellenistic and roman imperial times
  6. social makeup of christians (3)
    • 1. ambiguous and changing social lines 
    • 2. women missionaries 
    • 3. top of society was missing
  7. Women in the movement 
    • Gospel of Luke 
    • women missionaries (paul's colleagues)
  8. fiorenza's thesis
    when we read occasional pauline references to women in their own setting, we recognize that the pauline and post-pauline literature know of women not merely as rich patronesses of the christian missionary movement, but as prominent leaders and missionaries who - in their own right - toiled for the Gospel 
  9. types of conversion
    • rescue  - dissolute  - restoration of new life
    • adhesion - ordinary citizens 
    • resident aliens 
  10. douglas' thesis
    ritual is more to society than words are to thought. for it is very possible to know something and then find words for it. but it is impossible to have social relations without symbolic acts. 
  11. early christian rituals
    • baptism
    • eucharist
    • lesser - hymns, daily prayer, fasting 
    • gifts of the spirit 
    • sealing and anointing 
  12. chronology of sub-apostolic period 
    • 62 james killed 
    • 64 neronian perseuction in rome 
    • 66 beginning of jewish uprising 
    • 70 fall of jerusalem and temple 
    • 70 gospel of mark 
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