Biology Animal Phyla

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  1. Porifera
    "sponges" - Classes Calcarea(CaCO3), Hexactinellia(Silica), Demospongiae(spongin)
  2. Cnidaria
    Jellyfish, sea wasps, "coral" - classes Scyphozoa(Jellies), Cubozoa(box jellies/sea wasps), Athozoa(coral)
  3. Ctenophora
    "Comb Jellies"
  4. Platyhelminthes
    "Flat worms" - Classes Turbellaria(Planarians), Trematoda(flukes), and Cestoda(tapeworms)
  5. Rotifera
  6. Nematoda
    "round worms"
  7. Nemertea
    "proboscis/ribbon worms"
  8. Mollusca
    "Molluscs" - Classes Gastropoda(snails), Bivalvia(bivalves), Scaphopoda(tooth shells), Cephalopoda(Octopus, squid, chambered nautilus)
  9. Annelida
    "segmented worms" - Classes Oligochaeta(earthworms), Polychaeta(marine and fan worms), Hirudinea(leeches)
  10. Onychophora
    "Velvet worms"
  11. Arthropods
    Subphyla - Trilobitomorpha, Cheliceraformes, Myriapoda, Hexapoda, Crustacea
  12. Subphylum Trilobitomorpha
    "Trilobite"; extinct
  13. Subphylum Cheliceraformes
    Classes - Merostomata(horseshoe crabs), Pycnogonida(sea spiders), Arachnida(spiders, ticks, mites, harvestmen, scorpians)
  14. Subphylum Myriapoda
    Classes - Chilopoda(centipedes), Diplopoda(millipedes)
  15. Subphylum Hexapoda
    Classes - Insecta
  16. Order Coleoptera
    beetles and weevils
  17. Order Hymenoptera
    ants, bees, wasps, hornets
  18. Order Hemiptera
    "true" bugs, assassin bugs, bed bugs
  19. Order Lepidoptera
    butterflies and mothes
  20. Order Diptera
    true flies, mosquitoes
  21. Order Orthoptera
    grasshoppers, crickets, katydids
  22. Order Isoptera
  23. Siphonaptera
  24. Order Homoptera
    cicadas and aphids
  25. Order Blattodea
  26. Order Phasmatodea
    walking sticks
  27. Order Phtiraptera
    human body louse
  28. Subphylum Crustacea
    crabs, lobsters, shrimp, sow bugs, krill, barnacles, crayfish, Daphnia
  29. Brachyopoda
    "Lamp Shells"
  30. Echinodermata
    Classes - Asteroidea(starfish), Ophiuroidea(brittle stars), Echinoidea(sea urchins and sand dollars), Holothuroidea(sea cucumbers), Crinoidea(feather stars and sea lilies)
  31. Hemichordata
    "acorn worms"
  32. Chordata
    Subphyla - Urochordata(tunicates/sea squirts), Cephalocordata(lancelets), Craniata(vertebrates)

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