Public Health agencies

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  1. Major types of Agencies? (3)
    • 1. Governmental= Public
    • 2. Private=NGO
    • 3. Quasi-governmental= Hybrid Ex. Red cross
  2. PH organization's scope? (4)
    • 1. International
    • 2. National/Federal
    • 3. State/ regional/ Province
    • 4. Local (city, county)
  3. Governmental agencies
    Funded? Managed? Authority?
    • Funded by Tax dollar
    • Managed by government officials
    • Authority for some geographic area= (CATCHMENT) Was on quiz.
  4. Government agencies Levels & Ex.
    1. international=?
    2. national=?
    3. state=?
    4. Local=?
    • 1. WHO
    • 2. HHS
    • 3. CA Dept. of PH
    • 4. LA county Dept. PH
  5. WHO (Established, headquarters, purpose)
    • 1948
    • Geneva, Switzerland
    • Attainment by all people of the highest possible level of health (mostly carried out in poor countries)(Prevent & Treat disease outbreaks)
    • EX. Polio, TB, HIV, Malaria
  6. National Health Agencies (Example)
    • All countries have primary dept. responsible for health of citizens
    • Ex. US Dept. of Health & Human Services
  7. AoA= Administration on Aging (purpose?)
    • Carry out provisions of the Older Americans Act of 1965
    • Social & nutritional services
  8. ACF= Admin. for Children and Families (Purpose ?)
    • Responsible for providing direction and leadership for all federal programs for needy children and families.
    • Ex. Head Start Program
  9. AHRQ= Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (Purpose?)
    Lead Federal agency for research (healthcare quality, cost, outcome, PT safety
  10. ATSDR= Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (purpose)
    • Created by Superfund legisation
    • Prevent harmful exposures and diseases related to toxic substances
  11. CDC= Center for Disease Control (purpose)
    (on quiz)
    • Health promotion, prevention, preparedness
    • global leader of PH
    • Research : Mortality & morbidity weekly report
    • Alanta, GA
  12. FDA= Food and Drug Administration (Purpose)
    • Assures safety, efficacy & security of :
    • Humans & veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devicess.....
  13. CMS= Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (purpose)
    Administer medicare/-caid program (87mill. Americans)
  14. HRSA= Health Resources and Services Administration
    Help provide health resources for medically underserved populations.
  15. IHS= Indian Health Services
    Raise physical, mental, social, spirital health of American Indians and Alaskan Natives to highest level
  16. SAMHSA= Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Admin.
    Up to date info. and state of the art practice is effectively used for prevention and TX of addictive and mental disorders
  17. NIH= National Institute of Health (on quiz)
    • One of the world's foremost medical Research centers and federal focal point for medical reseac.h
    • National Cancer Institute (NCI)
  18. Other Agencies?
    • 1. US Dept. of Agriculture --> WIC program
    • 2.Occupational Safety and Health Admin. (OSHA)
    • 3. Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA)
  19. State Health Agencies?
    • Every state has a Dept. of health
    • Promote, protect and maintaing health and welfare of their citizens
  20. Responsibilities of PH agencies (4)
    • Finance care for poor and chronically disabled
    • Reg. health care cost (insurance)
    • Quality Assurance (license facilities)
    • Training and standards for health professionals
  21. Local Health Dept. (purpose)
    • Responsibility of City or County gov.
    • Funded by: Taxes, grants, fees
    • conduct services mandated by state laws (resturant inspections)
    • Reporting of: 1. communicable diseases 2. Birth/Death certificates
  22. School Health Programs (purpose)
    • Organized set of policies, procedures, activities to promote, protect, improveĀ  health of students and staff,--> improving students ability to learn
    • Many Barriers: inadequate funding, lack of support
  23. Quasi-Governmental Orgs.
    • some responsibilities assigned by gov. but operate more like voluntary agencies
    • Funded by taxes and private sources
    • Ex. American Red Cross, National Academy of Science
  24. American Red Cross (Founded, Services)
    • 1881, by Clara Barton
    • Provide relief to victims of natural disaster

    Ex. non-gov. services: Blood drives, safety services, CPR training....
  25. NGO (Funded?)
    • By private donation or membership fees
    • Free from gov. interferences as long as thy meet IRS guidelines
  26. Voluntary Health Agencies (Purpose, Funding, Big 3)
    • To meet specific health need
    • Basic Objective: Research, education, services, advocacy
    • Funded by donations, fundraising events
    • Big 3: (ACS, AHA, ALA)
  27. Big 3
    • ACS, AHA, ALA
    • Can be for profit
  28. Professional Health Associations
    • Promote high standard of professional practice
    • Ex. AMA, AAAOM, ACA, ICA.......
  29. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?
    • Philanthropic Foundation
    • Provide grants to support programs
  30. Service, Social, Religious Organizations
    • Most provide services and many sponsor health related programs
    • Ex. Burn centers, Food banks, Faith based projects and ministeries
  31. Corporate America- workplace health and safety (Ex.)
    • OSHA
    • others: Health insurance, labor unions
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