Doctrine of the Church

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  1. Dunns Models of Ministry
    • Jesus and Disciples (?)
    • Jerusalem
    • Pauline Churches
    • Towards Ignatius
    • Johanine alternatie
    • Hebrews and revelation (Mix between John and Paul)
  2. Jesus and Disciples
    • Evidence for: Ekklesia and Last supper
    • Evidence Against: Apostles- more inclusive¬†
    • conclusion: Movement rather than community
  3. Ministry of Pauline Churches
    • Charismatic community: Min belongs to all
    • Regular Min. no offices
    • Minstry of Congregations
  4. Towards Ignatius
    • Pastorals:
    • Qualifications to be clergy
    • heirarchy
    • If Post-Pauline then an approachment between Jewish Christians and Paul communities
    • IF Paul, Then Pual abandoned his ideal of Charismatic Christiantity and accepted need for structure
  5. 1 Peter
    Emphasis btwn Paul and Pastorals 
  6. Matthew
    Between Jewish and Pastorals
  7. Johanin Alternative
    • Stress individualism
    • Charisma individual
    • no real concept of min or office
  8. Dunn's Conclusion
    • Diversity
    • United: Jesus and faith in him focus
    • no distiction between clergy and laity
    • women disciples!
  9. Jerusalem
    • Theory 1
    • 3 fold min: Apostle Bishop Deacon
    • Issue: Dacons not subordinates
    • Theory 2

    • Authroity and ministry spontaneous and charismatic
    • Leadership took several forms
    • before Jewish Synogoge form took place

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Doctrine of the Church
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