Vocab: Unit 2

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  1. anomaly
    • deviation from what is normal or expected
    • syn: incongruity, deviant
    • ant: congruous
  2. apathy
    • lack of feeling, emotion or interest
    • syn: aloof, impassive
    • ant: ardor, fervor, zeal
  3. appall
    • to fill with intense horror, fear or dismay
    • syn: stupefy, astound
    • ant: gladden, elate, exhilerate
    • phrase: be aghast at
  4. apprehend
    • arrest or take into custody; perceive or understand the meaning of; look forward to with fear or anxiety
    • syn: nab, collar, discern, fathom, foreboding
  5. arbitrary
    • subject to or determined by one's judgement, random; arrived at by excercise of will, preference or whim, not justice; tyrannical
    • syn: capricious, highhanded, despotic
    • ant: objective, equitable
  6. arbitrate
    • act as a judge in a dispute, to settle
    • phrases: arbiter elegantaie
    • syn: adjudicate, mediate
  7. array
    • line up, dress; imposing grouping, rich and beautiful
    • syn: marshal, muster, gussy up, accouter, finery, accouterments
    • ant: disperse, disband, dismiss
  8. articulate
    • pronounce distinctly, express well in words; expressed clearly and forcefully, fluent
    • syn: enunciate, expound, elucidate, explicate, silver-tongued, glib
    • ant: mumble, maunder, garbled
  9. askew
    • out of line, turned to one side; disapprovingly, scornfully
    • syn: cock-eyed, awry, disdainfully, comtemptuously, askance, derisively
    • ant: benignly
  10. assimilate
    • absorb fully or make one's own, adopt; adapt fully
    • syn: homogenize, fuse, digest
    • ant: segregate, insulate
  11. astute
    • keen of mind and judgement, cunning
    • syn: shrewd, sagacious, perspicacious, wily, cagey, acumen
    • ant: obtuse, doltish, vacuous, inane
  12. asylum
    institution that shelters and cares for mentally unbalanced, aged or homeless people; place offering protectio/security; protection against legal or social penalty
  13. atone
    • to make up for or repent
    • syn: expiate, penance, expiation, redress
  14. atrocity
    • savagely cruel, brutal or inhuman deed; monstrosity
    • syn: enormity, sadistic, grisly, ghastly, heinous, abominable
    • ant: clement, benevolent, irreproachable
  15. atrophy
    • failure to develop normally, progressive decline; waste away
    • syn: wither
    • ant: flourish
  16. attrition
    • gradual wearing down or weakening of resistance resulting from constant friction, pressure or harassment; gradual (sometimes natural) decrease in size, strength or number
    • syn: abrasion, enervation, diminution
  17. augment
    • make greater; become greater
    • ant: curtail, abate
  18. augur
    • someone who can indicate the future by spotting omens; to predict or foretell through signs, to point to or be an omen
    • syn: soothsayer, seer, prognosticate, portend, presage, bode
  19. austere
    • rigidly severe, severely simple or bare
    • syn: strait-laced, abstemious, puritanical, ascetic
    • ant: orotund, florid, gaudy
  20. authentic
    • genuine, trustworthy
    • syn: veritable, bona fide, kosher
    • ant: spurious, apocryphal, dubious
  21. avarice
    • excessive desire to acquire and possess wealth, combination of greed and stinginess
    • syn: acquisitive, cupidity, covetousness, rapacity, miserliness, parsimony niggardliness
    • ant: liberal
  22. avid
    • extremely eager, anxious or enthusiastic
    • syn: zealous, ardent, fervid, voracious, rabid, gung ho
    • ant: apathetic
  23. badger
    • tease, annoy with a string of petty torments
    • syn: harass, vex, bait, harry
    • ant: pacify
  24. baffle
    • puzzle completely; prevent from achieving a goal
    • syn: nonplus, confound, foil, balk, stymie, enigmatic
    • ant: fathom
  25. banal
    • made stale by constant use or repetition
    • syn: trite, hackneyed, prosaic, pedestrian, vapid, fatuous, jejune, corny, triteness, cliche, platitude, bromide
    • ant: scintillating, piquant
  26. belligernet
    • warring, actually engaged in a war, hostile; party (i.e. nation) engaged in a war
    • syn: martial, bellicose, pugnacious
    • ant: pacific, concilliatory, dovish
  27. benign
    • gentle and kindly; wholesome or favorable
    • syn: benevolent, auspicious, salutary, salubrious
    • ant: malevolent, pernicious, deleterious, injurious, inimical, noxious
  28. bicker
    • engage in petty quarreling
    • syn: squabble, wrangle, haggle, dicker
  29. bizarre
    • weird or fantastic
    • syn: grotesque, singular, eccentric
    • ant: orthodox, sedate, sober, staid
  30. bland
    • mild or gentle; lacking in interest or liveliness, flat
    • syn: insipid
    • ant: piquant, racy, florid, scintillating, sprightly
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