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  1. What are the 10 generic abilities?
    • 1-Commitment to learning
    • 2-Interpersonal skills
    • 3-Communication skills
    • 4-Effective use of time and resources
    • 5-Use of constructive feedback
    • 6-Problem-solving
    • 7-Professionalism
    • 8-Responsibility
    • 9-Critical thinking
    • 10-Stress management
  2. What are the seven core values of professionalism?
    • Accountability
    • Altruism
    • Compassion/Caring
    • Excellence
    • Integrity
    • Professional Duty
    • Social Responsibility
  3. What information is protected under HIPPA?
    • Past, present, or future medical condition or healthcare payment of an individual
    • Information created or received by a healthcare provider, health plan, employer life insurer, school, or university
    • Antyhing that could identify, or be used in finding the identity of, an individual
  4. What can be used to identify an individual? (12 examples)
    • 1Name
    • 2Birthdate
    • 3SSN
    • 4Driver's licence
    • 5Phone/fax/cell#
    • 6zip code
    • 7photograph
    • 8E-mail address
    • 9licence plate #
    • 10Health insurance
    • 11Medical record #
    • 12Financial acct. #
  5. Under HIPPA, when is releasing PHI acceptable?
    • Purposes of treatment
    • Obtaining payment
    • Business operations
    • With patient authorization
  6. What penalties might a HCP receive for violating HIPPA?
    • l.    Corrective Action and possible discharge from employment
    • 2.  Civil penalties of up to $25,000 per person
    • 3.  Criminal penalties of up to $250,000 and/or 10 years in prison
  7. What does "CARE" stand for?
    • Courtesy
    • Attitude (that is positive)
    • Respect
    • Enthusiasm
  8. What are some things that can be done if compramise is not working?
    • Seek the assistance of your supervisor
    • Conference among those that are disagreeing
    • Make sure all of the facts are known
    • Make a list of pros and cons
    • Try the compramise again
  9. What are Erin's four truths to compromise?
    • 1) Do not allow hostility and negative feelings to beome so distracting that they interfere with patient care
    • 2) When in a stressful situation, keep your cool!  Outward demonstraction of frustration, anxiety, or dislike of an individual is not going to help the situation.
    • 3) Never argue in front of a patient or within hearing range of a patient
    • 4) The more you do for others, the more it will be noticed, and eventually done back for you.
  10. Why does conflict occur?
    • Different personality types
    • Different theory of practice
    • Different goals in mind
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