APR - Advanced Communication Skills - 1%

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  1. Consensus Building
    Consensus building, unlike the majority rules approach, requires that all parties around the table agree to support the final decision.
  2. Consulting Skills Needed
    • Creativity to offer new solutions, new messages and new options
    • Good communication skills: written, verbal, electronic, new technology
    • In-depth knowledge of the issues to be addressed
    • Respect for the individual/group requesting consultation
    • An understanding of the importance of confidentiality
    • Cultural competence and proficiency
    • Vision to look beyond the obvious to suggest new possibilities
    • A team or partnership approach to work with the individual or group
    • Leadership in setting an example for others to follow
    • Flexibility in facilitating change or adapting to changing needs
  3. Negotiating Skills
    Use of information and power to affect behavior.

    • 1. Information: You may perceive that the other side knows more about you and your needs than you know about them and their needs.
    • 2. Time: You may perceive that the other side is not under the same kind of time constraints or deadlines as you experience.
    • 3. Power: You may perceive that the other side has more power and authority than you think you have.
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