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  1. ab
    do not abbreviate
  2. ad
    incorrect adjective
  3. adv
    incorrect adverb
  4. agr
    agreement problem
  5. ambig
    ambiguous wording
  6. appr
    inappropriate language
  7. aud
    unclear audience
  8. avoid
    this should be avoided
  9. awk
    awkward expression
  10. cap 
  11. case
    error in case
  12. cf
    comma fault
  13. (__)
    check this out
  14. choppy
    choppy style
  15. coord
    faulty coordination
  16. cs
    comma splice
  17. d
  18. details
    add details
  19. dev
    inadequate development 
  20. dm
    dangling modifier
  21. d neg
    double negative
  22. doc
    incorrect or incomplete documentation
  23. frag
    sentence fragment
  24. gen
    be more specific
  25. gram
    grammatical error
  26. inc
    incomplete construction
  27. inf
    too informal
  28. irr
    irregular verb error
  29. ital
    italics (underscore)
  30. lc ( / ) 
    use lowercase 
  31. logic
    not logical
  32. mm
    misplaced modifier
  33. ms
    manuscript form
  34. nc
    not clear
  35. nonst
    nonstandard language
  36. num
    error in use of numbers

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Editing and Proofreading marks Nagmita
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Nagmita Proofreading marks editing english

Editing and proof reading marks, half of them the first right side of INC books
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