Photo History

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    William Lake Price, Don Quixote in his Study
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    Southworth & Hawes,Daniel Webster, ~1850Daguerreotype
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    • Roger Fenton (British, 1819-1869)
    • The Valley of theShadow of Death,1855
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    • Timothy O’Sullivan
    • The Harvest of Death, Gettysburg 1863
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    Oscar Rejlander (Swiss, 1813-1875)Two Ways of Life, 1857, Albumen Print
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    Edouard Baldus,Cloister of Saint-Trophime, Arles 1851
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    Julia Margaret Cameron, Beatrice, 1866:
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  9. Francis Frith
    The Sphinx and Great Pyramid Geezeh, Francis Frith, 1862
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    Joseph Nicephore Niepce,View from the Window at Gras (Point de vue pris d'une fenêtre du Gras à Saint-Loup-de-Varennes), 1826, 8 x 6 1/2 inches
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    George N. Barnard, Fire in the Ames Mills, Oswego, NY 1853
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    Alexander Gardner, Westward, the Course of the Empire Takes its Way
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    Louis-Auguste & Auguste-Rosalie

    Black Canyon, From Camp 8, Looking Above, 1871, Albumen Print
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    • Jacques Henri Lartigue
    • Avenue du Bois, 1911; Gelatin silver print
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