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  1. A major factor in China's development of the first elaborate classical societies was
    Answer:its ability to remain isolated and avoid outside invasion
  2.  major feature of the classical Chinese economy was
    a high level of technology.
  3. The Qin Dynasty was marked by all of the following EXCEPT
    :an increase in the economic status of the peasant communities.
  4. China's classical period gave rise to all of the following intellectual traditions EXCEPT`
  5. Besides the "mean people," which of the following groups were considered to have the least status in classical China?`
  6. All of the following constituted a function of the state in Han China EXCEPT
    detachment from the lives of the Chinese masses.
  7. The decline of the Han dynasty after about two centuries was due solely to internal or domestic unrest.
    true or false
    • Your Answer:True
    • Correct Answer:False
  8. The Great Wall of China was built during the rule of First Emperor__________ .
    Qin Shih Huangdi
  9. The most famous ruler of the Han Dynasty was __________ .
    Wu Ti
  10. Wu Ti set up a __________ for all those who wished to take the entrance exam for the state bureaucracy
    .:training school
  11. The period 402-201 B.C.E., during which the Zhou Dynasty disintegrated, is termed the __________
    Era of the Warring States
  12. Daoism was elaborated in fifth century China by the author __________ .
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