Introduction of the Nervous Systems and Neurons

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  1. Functions of the nervous system?
    Coordinates and controls all bodily activities.
  2. Structures of the nervous system?
    Nerves, brain, spinal cord, and sensory organs.
  3. What are sensory organs?
    Eyes, ears, nose, skin, and tongue.
  4. What are the central nervous systems?
    Brain and spinal cord.
  5. What are the functions of the central nervous systems?
    To receive and process information and to regulate all bodily activity.
  6. What are the peripheral nervous system?
    12 pairs of cranial nerves extending from the brain and 31 pairs of peripheral spinal nerves extending outward from the spinal chord.
  7. What are the functions of the peripheral nervous system?
    To transmit nerve signals to, and from, the central nervous systems.
  8. Nerve?
    Is one or more bundles of neurons that connect the brain and the spinal chord with other parts of the body.
  9. Tract?
    Bundle of nerve fibers located within the brain or spinal chord.
  10. Ascending nerve tracts?
    Carries nerve impulses TOWARD the brain.
  11. Descending nerve tracts?
    Carries nerve impulses AWAY FROM the brain.
  12. Ganglion (gang-glee-on)?
    Nerve system made up of a cluster of nerve cell bodies outside the central nervous systems.
  13. Innervation?
    The supply of nerves to a specific body part.
  14. Plexus?
    • Network of intersecting spinal nerves.
    • Also a network of intersecting blood or lymphatic vessels.
  15. Receptors?
    • Sites in the sensory organs that receive external stimulation.
    • Sends the stimulus through the sensory neurons to the brain.
  16. Stimulus?
    Anything that excites a nerve and causes an impulse.
  17. Impulse?
    Wave of excitation transmitted through nerve fibers and neurons.
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Introduction of the Nervous Systems and Neurons
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