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  1. decubitus
    the patient is lying down and the central ray is horizontal and parallel with the floor.
  2. central ray
    the centermost x-ray in the primary beam.
  3. position
    a specific patient body placement in regards to the radiographic table or IR during imaging
  4. projection
    the path of the central ray as it exits the x-ray tube and through the patient to the IR.
  5. collimation
    the narrowing of the beam of radiation to only include the areas of interest
  6. emphysema
    obstructive and destructive airway changes leading to an increased volume of air in the lungs
  7. atelectasis
    collapse of all or part of the lung
  8. pleural effusion
    collection of fluid in the pleural cavity
  9. pneumothorax
    accumulation of air in the pleural cavity resulting in collapse of the lung
  10. pneumonia
    acute infection of the lung parenchyma
  11. bowel obstruction
    blockage of bowel lumen
  12. ileus
    failure of bowel peristalsis
  13. metastases
    transfer of a cancerous lesion from one area to another
  14. pneumoperitoneum
    presence of air in the peritoneal cavity
  15. tumor
    new tissue growth where cell proliferation is uncontrolled
  16. abdominal aortic aneurysm
    localized dilation of abdominal aorta.
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