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  1. How does light influence how we perceive an object or person?
    • The way light illuminates an object helps define how we think or feel about that object
    • color
    • angle
    • intenity
  2. What are the properties of a particle?
    • increase intesity doest not increase energy
    • incresse frequency increase enery
    • travel thourw vacume
  3. Why can light be considered a particle
    • ncrease intesity doest not increase energy
    • incresse frequency increase enery
    • travel thourw vacume
  4. What does a diffuse reflector do
    The reflection of light from an uneven or granular surface such that anincident ray is seemingly reflected at a number of angles
  5. What is a near zero reflector?
    has almost no refltion
  6. What does an asymmetrical reflector do to the light?
    cover large areas without producing a significant dropoff of light over the area.
  7. How does light bend when crossing from a medium of high opticaldensity to a medium of low optical density?
    speeds ups
  8. What is the optical center of a lens?
    The geometric center of a lens
  9. What is the optical axis?
    A straight line that passes through the center of curvature on a lens and theprincipal focus point
  10. What is the focal length of a lens?
    The distance from the optical center to the principal foci
  11. How do you create a large pool of light from a Fresnel?
    use the Flood position of the lamp
  12. What type of lamp is used in a Par Can?
    sealed beam reflector
  13. How do you focus a Par Can?
    • turn the bottel
    • spin the lamp
  14. What are the designations of Par lamps?
    very narrow spot, narrow spot, med,  flood
  15. What type of lights would you use to light a back-drop?
  16. How are ETC Source 4 ERS’s classified?
  17. What type of lamp is used in an ETC Source 4?
    HPL-575 lamp
  18. What is a barn door?
    A set of external shutters that mount in the gel holder of a fixture. Commonlyused in Fresnels, can also be used in PAR fixtures
  19. What is a top hat used for?
    A device used to hide lens flair that can be mounted in the gel holder of a fixture
  20. What does a donut do?
    An opaque square of metal with a hole in the center that can be put into the gelholder of an ERS; used to remove halation from a gobo allowing a sharp focus
  21. What does the iris of your eye do?
    expands and contracts to change the size of the pupil
  22. What do the rods do?
    Photoreceptor cells that enable vision in low light levels
  23. What is photopic vision?
    normal light vision
  24. What is hue?
    The pure spectrum color; ROYGBIV
  25. What is value?
    The lightness or darkness of a color
  26. What is chroma?
    The strength of a color
  27. What are the secondary colors of light?
    c y m
  28. What is additive color?
    Using two or more sources to create multiple colors
  29. What is subtractive color?
    Using a filter to remove unwanted wavelengths from a single source
  30. Who makes gel?
    • Rosco
    • Gam
    • Lee
    • Apollo
  31. What is photometrics?
    Photometrics is the study of the properties of light, particularly intensity, using math
  32. What is the formula to calculate beam diameter?
    • D=mf*td
    • (multpling factor) * (throw distance)
  33. Why do par lamps have 2 mf values?
    there beams are oval
  34. What does TD stand for
    Throw distance
  35. If you determine you need 6.2 fixtures to cover the width of a stagehow many fixtures would you use?
    7 fixtures
  36. What formula is used to determine intensity of a light source?
    • fc = pc / td2
    • foot candles = peak candela divided by the throwdistance squared
  37. What does the transmission value of a filter tell you?
    The percentage of incident light that passes through a filter
  38. How do you determine the fc of a light that is using a non-standard lamp?
    • find the fc output with the standard information
    • peak candela from manufactor
  39. What is the 80% rule?
    not to exceed 80% of the available power.
  40. What does the rating of a disconnect mean?
    100A, 200A, 400A, 600A and 800A
  41. What is the voltage across hot legs in a single phase system?
  42. How many hot legs in a three phase system?
  43. What are the standard wire colors in a three phase system?
    • green
    • white
    • black
    • blue
    • red
  44. How does a magnetic circuit breaker work?
    high votage creats stonrgh mag feild
  45. What are the standard gauges of feeder cable?
    • 4/0
    • 2/0
  46. What are standard dimmer power sizes?
    • 2400w and 1200w    
    • 6k & 12k common
  47. What is a hard wired circuit?
    premanted install
  48. What does hard patch mean?
        phyical pluggin in
  49. What is an SCR and what does it do?
    • silicon controlled rectifier  
    • blocks to "gate" the ac sine wave and control the voltage to the filament of the light source
  50. How does a reverse phase dimmer work?
    chopps down slope of sine wave
  51. What is analog control?
    one wire to run from each console channel to each dimmerand was a one to one system
  52. What is the significance of the BREAK and MAB?
    Break is a LO signal (0) and the MAB is a HIsignal (1); the Break and MAB also serve as a “reset” between packets.
  53. Do you need to send all 512 channels of DMX?
  54. How do receivers know what information to respond to?
    The address that a device is given lets itknow which channels of information it needs to respond to
  55. What is the minimum voltage difference needed to trigger a change in state?
    DMX is a +/- 12v system but a device only needs to receive a differential of 1/5th of a volt fora valid change of state to be detected.
  56. What are two ways to store a look in a memory console?
  57. How many fader pages on the Element 40-500?
    • 3 pages
    •  40 Faders
  58. What does blind mode allow you to do?
    make changes wihtout being seen
  59. What is a captured channel?
    a channe you are making changes to
  60. What is the easiest way to record a submaster on the Element?
    [Record] [Sub] [#] [Enter]
  61. What is the primary purpose of stage lighting?
    provide visibility
  62. How can you create visual movement?
    Transitions between cuesserve to punctuate the action of the show
  63. What must a Lighting Designer be able to do as they read a script?
    visulatize the scene
  64. What information should the Costume Designer provide?
    colors and textures
  65. What is the purpose of the first script reading?
    find lights need and visual cues
  66. What information should the Costume Designer provide?
    clothing colors, and texures
  67. What is the Lighting Concept Statement?
    concept should incorporate the director’s vision and spell out howthe lighting is going to visually represent that vision. The first part of the concept conciselystates what the piece is about. Next is a description of the environment and how thatenvironment is being created. Now comes the director's vision Any imagery they have usedto describe their interpretation of the script should be included. Finally write a description ofhow the lighting is going to show all of the things discussed. This description should notcontain any fixture or other technical information, rather it should be about representing theethereal with the concrete.
  68. Why is the Concept Statement important?
    so you have a road map, rehfernce
  69. What should be included in cue notations in a script?
    actions time weather ect
  70. What is a cue list?
    a list of every cue
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