Wk 7 Repro-Cervical Cancer

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  1. Cervical Cancer
    Starts in the lining of the cervix
  2. Cervical Cancer-Earliest stage is known as
    • carcinoma in situ
    • 1-underlying tissue has yet to be invaded in this stage
    • 2-Carcinoma in situ is 4X more common thatn invasive cervial cancer
    • 3-Progression between carcinoma in situ and invasive cervical cancer is slow
  3. Cervical Cancer-Sourounding organs/tissues affected include
    • vagina
    • Urinary bladder
    • rectum
    • Pelvic Wall
  4. Cervical Cancer-Was most common, but declined for 2 reasons
    • Papanicolaou (Pap) test
    • The human papillomarvis vaccine gardasil
  5. Cervical Cancer- Most improtant risk factor
    Human papillomavris
  6. Cervical Cancer-other risk factors
    • smoking
    • engaging in sex at an early age
    • multiple sex partners or participation in high-risk sexual activities
    • Daughters of mother using disthlystilbestrol (DES) during pregnancy in early 1960s to prevent system
    • poor economic status
  7. Cervical Cancer-Symptoms
    • Continuous vaginal discharge
    • abnormal vaginal bleeding
    • Heavier and longer periods
    • Bleeding after menopause
  8. Cervical Cancer-Diagnositc Test
    • Pap test
    • HPV DNA test
  9. Cervical Cancer-Treatment
    • Surgery
    • reaiation therapy
    • chemotherapy

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Wk Repro Cervical Cancer

Wk 7 Repro-Cervical Cancer
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