NU100 test 1

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  1. Who was the first African-American in nursing?
    Mary Seacole
  2. Define Slander
    injury to one's reputation caused by the spoken word
  3. Define libel
    injury to one's reputation caused by written work
  4. What were the main purposes of the Social Security Act of 1935?
    • 1) national old-age insurance system
    • 2) federal grants to states for maternal and child welfare services
    • 3) vocational rehabilitation services for handicapped
    • 4) medical care for crippled children and blind people
    • 5) a plan to strengthen public health services
    • 6) federal-state unemployment system
  5. Define beneficence
    an ethical principle stating that one should do good and prevent or avoid doing harm
  6. Define human dignity
    respect for inherent worth and uniqueness of individuals and populations
  7. What nursing theory is the foundation for nursing science?
    Nightingale's Theory of Practice
  8. What is a "compact state"?
    A state in which nursing licensure can be transfered to another within the compact without having to meet additional requirements.
  9. Define accountability
    being responsible for one's actions legally, morally, ethically, and/or socially
  10. Define atonomy
    personal freedom and right to make choices
  11. Define nonmaleficence
    an ethical principle stating the duty not to inflict harm
  12. What must a nurse inform a patient who is leaving AMA of?
    • The fact that leaving the facility could:
    • 1) aggravate the current condition and complicate future care
    • 2) result in permanent physical or mental impairment or disability
    • 3) result in complications leading to death
  13. Define assault
    causing a person fear that he or she will be touched without consent
  14. Define defamation of character
    attacks on ones reputation
  15. Define neglegence
    failure to act in a manner that an ordinary, prudent person would act in similar circumstances, resulting in harm
  16. Define torte
    unintentional act that creates harm against one's legal rights
  17. List the steps for systematic processing of an ethical dilemma
    • Gather all of the information relevant to the case
    • examine and determine one's own values on the issue
    • verbalize the problem
    • consider possible courses of action
    • negotiate the outcome
    • evaluate the action
  18. What is the primary purpose of RN's being licenced?
    protect the public
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