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  1. What is a Brittle material?
    A Brittle material will break suddenly when a large force is applied to it without deforming plastically.
  2. What is a Ductile material?
    A Ductile material can be drawn out into wires without losing their strength.
  3. What is a Malleable material?
    A Malleable material can be changed fairly easily by hammering or rolling but they may lose their strength.
  4. What is a Hard material?
    A Hard material is resistant to cutting, indentation ( becoming dented ) and abrasion (scratching ).
  5. What is a Stiff material?
    A Stiff material have a high resistance to bending and stretching.
  6. What is a Tough material?
    A Tough material can absorb lots of energy so they are very difficult to break.
  7. Give examples of Brittle materials.
    Ceramics e.g Glass and Pottery
  8. Give examples of Ductile materials.
  9. Give examples of Malleable materials.
    Gold and Brass
  10. Give examples of Hard materials.
    Hardened Steel and Diamond
  11. Give examples of Stiff materials.
    Safety helmets and Safety Boots
  12. Give examples of Tough materials.
    Certain polymers and polyethene and the hull of a Kayak
  13. What is the Young Modulus equation?
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