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  1. the six term of a soild is
    brittle ductile malleable hard stiff tough
  2.   term brittle
    if you apply a force to a brittle materials this won't deform plastically. but will suddenly snap when the force gets to a certian size.   brittle materials can be quite weak if the have crack in them.
  3.  term ductile
    • the shape can be change of a ductile materials, that drawing them into wires or other shapes. 
    • important there keep their strength when there  deformed like this    
  4. term malleable
    malleable materials  can changed fairly easily by the term of hammering or rolling. the differenct between malleable and ductile materials is that malleable materials won't neccessarily keep their strength.
  5.  term hard
    dent or scratch a hard material you will probably have very little effect. the structure means hard materials are resistant to cutting indentation and abrasion
  6. term stiff
    • the chaging shape of stiff materials is really diffcult as they are resistant to both bending and strecthing.
    • stiffness is measured by Young Modules.   
  7.  term tough
     toughness is measured of the engry a materials can absorb before it breaks. really tough materials can abosred a lot of energy so are very difcult to break.
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