psy chapt 13

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  1. define reciprocity
    involves liking those who show they like you. look at partner in positive ways and problem solve
  2. 5 keys to making marriage last
    • few emotional problems
    • avoid premarital pregnancey
    • no affairs
    • education
    • carreer
  3. define passionate love
    complete absorption in another with tender sexual feelings and agony and ecstasy of intense emotion
  4. define companionate love
    warm , trustiong, tolerant affection fro one whose life is deeply intertwined
  5. def intimacy
    warmth, closeness and sharing in a relationship
  6. what are the 3 attachment styles
    • secureĀ 
    • avoidant
    • anxious
  7. 3 affects of secure attachment
    • parent-good at knowing when to be supportive and independant. comfortable relationship
    • infant-welcomes contact w/parent
    • adult=easy to get close to comfortable depending and being depended on
  8. 3 affects of avoidant attachment
    • parent=cold and distant, nonresponsive, concerns are elsewhere
    • infant-little protest when seperated
    • adult-uncomfortable being close, little trust, dont like depending on others
  9. 3 affects of anxious/ambivalent attachment
    • parent-inconsistant in reactions
    • infant-strong seperation protest
    • adult-the desire in relationships pushes people away
  10. def internal and external attributions
    • internal attribute the cause to personal traits and abilities
    • external attribute cause to situation and environmental factors
  11. what is defensive aattribution
    tendancey to blame victims for their own misfortune
  12. what is fundamental attribution error
    • blaming someone for their internal attributions
    • "coach likes her better than me so i dont get to play"
  13. factors in changing ones attitude
    • persuasion when source has credibility, like expertise and trust
    • likeability increases success of persuasion
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