Avian Hematology Lab

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    What is this?
    avian eosinophil
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    What is this?
    Avian Hemoproteus
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    What is this?
    Avian Hemoproteus
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    What is this?
    avian heterophil
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    What is A?  B?  C?
    • plasmodium
    • hemoproteus
    • leukocytozoan
  6. What is Leukocytozoan?
    a protozoan parasite commonly found in the blood of wild birds
  7. What is plasmodium?
    parasite that is pathogenic and are responsible for malaria
  8. What are the clinical signs of plasmodium?
    • anemia
    • anorexia
    • depression
    • acute death
  9. Where can the developmental stages of plasmodium be found?
    within erythrocytes, thrombocytes, leukocytes
  10. What are in the RBCs of an animal with plasmodium?
  11. In addition to pigment-bearing gametocytes, both _____ and _____ may be observed in peripheral blood erythrocytes in a bird with plasmodium
    • trophozoites
    • schizonts
  12. What is Hemoproteus?
    protozaon blood parasites common in wild birds, pathogenicity is usually low
  13. Does the Hemoproteus gametocytes ever push the host cell nucleus to the cell margin?
  14. What are fused ("melted") heterophil granules?
    • the granules of both heterophils and eosinophils can be affected by both heparin and the staining process. they may appear poorly stained partially dissolved or cused in some cases
    • this is a common artifact that cannot always be avoided
    • cell determination must be made by the appearance of the nucleus if possible and the color of the fused granules in the cytoplasm
  15. What does an avian heterophil look like?
    • cytoplasm of normal, mature heterophils appears colorless and contains rod shaped granules that stain brick red
    • the nucleus of the normal mature heterophil is lobed, with coarse, clumped, purple-staining chromatin
    • the nucleus is often partially hidden by the cytoplasmic granules
  16. What does an avian eosinophil look like?
    • most avian eosinophils are similar in shape to the heterophils
    • the nucleus is lobed and usually stains darker than the heterophil
    • the cytoplasm contains round, strongly eosinophilic granules
    • granules of the eosinophil often lack the central refractile body noted in many avain heterophils
  17. How do we calculate the avian mononuclear cell count?
    • (% lymphs + monocytes/% heteros + eos + baso) x granulocyte count from hemocytometer
    • add granulocyte count to mononuclear cell count
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    What is this?
    avian leukocytozoan
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    What is this?
    avian leukocytozoan
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    What is this?
    avian lymphocyte
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    What is this?
    avian monocyte
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    What is this?
    avian plasmodium
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    What is this?
    avian plasmodium
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    What are these?
    avian thrombocytes (platelets)
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