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  1. Breast fibroadenoma
    • most common in women in 20's - 30's
    • made of glandular and fibrous breast tissue
    • feel firm and are round, smooth, rubbery and movable
    • referred to as "breast mice" because they run away during palpation
    • usually painless
    • may stop growing and/or shrink without treatment
    • cause is unknown
  2. Diagnosis of breast fibroadenoma
    • breast exam
    • mammography
    • ultrasound
    • fine needle aspiration
    • biopsy
  3. Treatment of breast fibroadenoma
    may or may not require surgical excision
  4. Breast cysts
    • tiny fluid-filled sacs within breast tissue
    • common, especially in women over 35
    • may change size during menstrual cycle
    • oval or round, smooth and firm, moves slightly with palpated and usually tender
    • may resolve spontaneously
    • cause unknown
  5. Diagnosis of breast cysts
    • breast exam
    • mammography
    • ultrasound
    • fine needle aspiration
  6. Treatment of breast cysts
    may or may not require surgical excision
  7. Breast fibrocystic changes
    • usually a benign condition with one or more swollen and/or tender lumps
    • cause unknown, but estrogen and progesterone may be involved
    • most women do not experience symptoms and thus no treatment is needed
    • not preventable
  8. Diagnosis of breast fibrocystic changes
    • breast self-exam
    • mammography
    • ultrasound
    • biopsy
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