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  1. What are the 4 determinants of exposure?
    • 1. amount of light in the sean (ambient Flash)
    • 2. Iso- Film speed (sensitivity)
    • 3. Aperture - Controles quantity of light
    • 4. Shutter speed- controles sduration of light exposure.
  2. What is exposure?
    bolth amount of light projected and the resulting density  of the over all final print.
  3. Light meters Read what percent of gray?
  4. when using Ambient light or flash what should you avoid doing?
    Fast shutter speed. Because of too much light.
  5. What does ISO stand for?
    International standerds organization
  6. what is the ordor of ISO's starting witht the slower (sharper) to fast (more grain/ noise)
    25 ,50,100,200,400,800,1600,3200
  7. What is noise?
    Lots of sepcs and faded with gain
  8. What is the advantage of slow ISO Speeds?
    Greater detail but almost impossable to render moving objects/ subjects.
  9. what is the advantage of middle road ISO?
    Its a fiae grain and its fast enought there is no need for a flash. You can capture motion in low light areas.
  10. what is the advantage or use for the higher end ISO's 800 -3200
    Used to freeze image. Bigger grain lots of image noise.
  11. Cuts in half or doubles the amount of sensitivity to light?
  12. Define the meaning of Aperture?
    Controls the Quantity or size of the hole in lens.
  13. Aperture is massured use what types of stops?
  14. recite in ordor the F-Stops for Aperture?
  15. cuts in half or doubles the amount of light.
    amerture  F-Stop
  16. What contoles the depth of field?
  17. Smaller the hole in the aprature the ___ the image.
    Sharper (used for landscapes)
  18. f-2 is Larger (more light) or smaller (Less light)
    Larger (more light)
  19. f-16 is an example of Smaller hole (less light) or larger hole (more light)
    Smaller (less light)
  20. Larger aperture the ______depth of fild.
  21. Shutter speed controls?
    the amount of  time the shutter is open. Its basically a window with moving door that opens and closes with the button.
  22. to freeze or blurr an Image you change the?
    Shutter speed.
  23. list the shutter sizes in order Starting with the slow speed and going to fast.
    B (bulb) 1,2,4,8,15,30,60,125,250,500,1000
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