en101 barb. colloq 2

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  1. even so often
    every so often
  2. literally 
    don't be confused with "figuratively." 
  3. seldom ever
    seldom or ever
    • seldom if ever
    • seldom or never
  4. center around
    center at, center on, center upon
  5. different than
    different from
  6. ways(various methods of doing something)
    way(a direction of distance)
  7. how, how that
    do not use those as substitutes for that or how much
  8. reason is because
  9. that
    avoid the redundant that 
  10. reason why
  11. where
    do not use where as a substitute for  in which  or that
  12. just because . . . does not mean
    a mixed expression.
  13. appraise(estimate the value of)
  14. blatant(offensively noisy)
    flagrant(conspicuously bad)
  15. flout(scoff at)
    flaunt(show off)
  16. but what
  17. so, such, too
    complete the clause or phrase!
  18. want in, etc.
    want to get in/want to come out, etc.
  19. thee, thou, thy, thine
    use either totally modern or totally archaic
  20. us
    do not use the objective case for the subjective case
  21. we, us, our, ours
    don't use it when referring to yourself alone.
  22. ingenious, ingenuous
    • ingenious: clever
    • ingenuous: innocent
  23. instance, incident, incidence
    • instance: case or example
    • incident: a happening or situation
    • incidence: rate or occurrence; prevalence
  24. imminent, immanent, eminent, emanate
    • imminent: impending or threatening
    • immanent: existing within, inherent
    • eminent: standing out; prominent
    • emanate: come out or give out, as from or by a source
  25. anxious
    adj for anxiety. do not use it as like eager
  26. correspond with
    correspond to ( bear a resemblance)
  27. mighty, pretty, plenty
    do not use as very
  28. individual, people
    not to be loosely used for person and persons
  29. Reverend
    • no not use as a noun. It's an abjective expressing honor.
    • "the Reverend Mr. Johnson"
  30. you, they
    • do not use  those as indefinite pronouns.
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